Can a channeling be higher than the level of consciousness of the messenger?

TOPICS: All messages from ascended masters are given from a higher level of consciousness than that of the messenger – messages are translated into words through the messenger’s consciousness – this is not necessarily a problem as messages are meant for a certain type of people –

Question: How is a message from the ascended masters affected by the mind of the messenger and to what extent is that a problem? Some people say there can be no channeling higher than the state of consciousness of the channeler. This means that every channeling is colored by the personality of the channeler. I wonder if Jesus has any comments on that?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Let me begin with the statement, “Some people say there can be no channeling higher than the state of consciousness of the channeler. This means that every channeling is colored by the personality of the channeler.” There are three potential reactions to this statement:

  • People below a certain level of spiritual maturity will say the statement is not true, or at least that it is not true for their channeler or messenger. Their messenger is of such a high level that the messages are not colored. The reason people say this is that they are still at the level of black-and-white thinking, so they need a messenger who appears to have infallible authority. We of the ascended masters are quite aware of this need and thus we sometimes have to reinforce this impression in order to reach certain groups of people. That is why several religions or spiritual movements have teachings that can be interpreted as meaning that this is the only true religion. As a demonstration, notice that many people reject this website because it does not have the authority these people demand.
  • People at a higher level of maturity will say the statement is always true and that this means no messenger is completely reliable. The reason is that these people have gone beyond the need for unquestionable authority and have started thinking for themselves. The question is whether such people will rise to the next level or get stuck in gray thinking?
  • At the next level, people realize that the statement has some truth to it but that there is a higher understanding. So what is the higher understanding?

The principle behind all viable channeling/messengership is that a Being in the spiritual realm, an ascended master, gives a message through a person in physical embodiment. No person in embodiment has the same level of consciousness as ascended masters. Therefore, if the message does come from the spiritual realm, it will be given from a higher state of consciousness than that of the messenger. Thus, if a messenger is not able to convey a message from a higher state of consciousness, he/she is simply not a viable messenger for the ascended masters.

Thus, ALL viable channelings/messages are higher than the state of consciousness of the messenger. If they were not, how could they possible convey to sensitive recipients the inner knowing that the message did not simply come from the messenger’s own mind? Kim is a relatively intelligent person, but if you seriously think he could have come up with the teachings on this website, you have a far too high opinion of him.

There is, however, a truth to the statement in that the level of consciousness of the messenger will determine and limit the type of messages that can be given through that person. For example, in the spiritual realm we do not think or communicate in the same words and concepts used in the material realm. Thus, our messages must be “translated” from our language into the language used by the messenger. I am not here talking about English or Greek, but the “language” of concepts, images and words in general.

This translation process is unquestionably affected by the messenger’s mind, including the messenger’s cultural background and his/her knowledge of spiritual and material topics. For example, I have mentioned several times that because Kim has a limited understanding of health and diet, he is not the best messenger concerning such topics. He simply does not have the “vocabulary” to translate my teachings into words.

It is also true that the messenger’s level of consciousness and internalization of spiritual concepts will limit the messages that can be brought forth. It is possible to be a genuine messenger before one has attained the full Christ consciousness, and we certainly do not require our messengers to be perfect human beings—as that would decrease the selection dramatically. So it is quite true that one messenger can give a higher and more correct image of an ascended being, such as myself, than another messenger. And some messengers can bring forth higher messages than others. Yet is that really a problem?

It would be extremely constructive for mature spiritual seekers to realize that when the ascended masters bring forth a message, we are NOT trying to bring forth a message that is meant for all people or is meant to stand for all time. A specific messenger is not meant to reach everyone on this planet, but is meant to reach people at a certain level of consciousness and bring them higher. Thus, when we select a messenger for a specific group of people, we choose one whose consciousness is higher than the target audience, but not too much higher. This makes it easier for the audience to identify with the messenger and the messenger can bring forth messages that reflect the state of consciousness of the audience while still lifting them higher. Thus, the fact that the messenger has a certain level of consciousness – possibly with certain limitations as well as cultural and personal idiosyncrasies – is not necessarily a problem.

If the messenger is willing, he/she will continually seek to raise his/her state of consciousness, so that we can bring forth increasingly higher messages through that person. This will also give the target audience an opportunity to climb beyond the level of the initial messages. This growth process will cause the messenger to grow out of personal opinions and idiosyncrasies. Thus, it simply is not correct to say that, “This means that every channeling is colored by the personality of the channeler.” There is no spiritual law limiting what can be brought forth through a messenger.

It is quite possible for a messenger to reach a level of Christ consciousness and non-attachment in which messages are not colored by the outer personality of the messenger in the sense that the messages become incorrect or conform to the messenger’s personal opinions. They will be colored by the messenger’s knowledge, concepts and language, but this is above the level of outer personality and personal opinions. In other words, it is perfectly acceptable that messages are affected by the messenger’s mind, as long as they are not distorted or eclipsed by personal opinions and unresolved psychology.

It should also be taken into account that certain messages can be tailored to a specific audience and thus to some degree adapted to their beliefs and world view. It is also possible that a messenger can be asked to say something that does not reflect the messenger’s opinions but is meant to provoke people and cause them to rethink their beliefs and opinions. In fact, all true messengers must pass the test of being willing to let us say something that the messenger would prefer not to say.


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