Breatharians, not eating food

Question: Using prana instead of eating. How useful is this? What is known about this? People who live off prana instead of eating food.


Answer from Ascended Master MORE:


While it is possible to live without physical food and only taking in spiritual energy – whether you call it prana or the Holy Spirit – it is not something that the ascended masters recommend because it is simply too extreme of a practice for the vast majority of people. This does not mean that we are saying that there cannot be people who will have a strong inner urge to live this way and we, of course, have no desire to interfere with the free will and the inner guidance of such people. 

Yet we will not generally recommend this practice and we recommend that people are very, very careful before adopting it. It would be disastrous – and mark my strong word! – if you adopted this practice out of playing an ego game while you think – as so many people do – that the more extreme the practice, the more efficient it must be—or the more points it must earn you in the records of Heaven. 

You do not earn points by being extreme and you only need to look at the life of the Buddha to see that he lived in a very extreme manner for six years before realizing that the key to liberation was the Middle Way.



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