Being a messenger for the Living Word

TOPICS: Living Word must be brought forth through a person – a true messenger must have Christ discernment – any message given for a specific level of consciousness – messenger is an example for others to follow – a messenger can have individuality – a messenger does not have to be perfect – demonstrate a willingness to overcome human consciousness – messengers not above the law – if the messenger has attachments, it can distort the message – the messenger has no ownership of the message – do not let any being take over your mind – ascended masters do not use trance channels – Christ discernment – fear of making mistakes –  only an open mind can grow – paralyzing yourself with fear of false teachings – follow the highest truth you can see and remain open – getting accurate messages – what it means to be a messenger – unconscious messengers – conscious messengers – declared messengers – millions of people are messengers in some capacity – no messenger has exclusivity  – holding a spiritual mantle is not easy – idolatry of a messenger – telling others what to do – the biggest challenge for a messenger –

Question from Kim: The Living Word must enter this world through a person who serves as a mediator, is that correct?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Yes, because one of the major purposes for bringing forth the Living Word is to inspire people to reach for a higher state of consciousness. The best way to accomplish that goal is to bring forth the Living Word through a person who has achieved some measure of that Christ consciousness.

Another purpose is to show people that they are the word incarnate, as I stated 2,000 years ago. In fact, everything in the world of form can be said to be the word incarnate in the sense that God uses sound to create the material world.

You can call such a person a messenger, a mediator, a seer, a sage, a prophet or even a medium or channel. The name is not important; the important thing is that the person has achieved the ability to tune in to his or her Christ self and therefore has some measure of Christ discernment.

Kim: So would you define a true messenger as a person with some degree of Christ discernment?

Jesus: As I said, we are entering an age in which it is becoming increasingly easy for people to turn the dial of consciousness and tune in to something beyond the material universe. If you do even a brief search on the Internet, you will see that there is a huge amount of material which is purported to come from sources beyond the material world.

There is so much material that it will overwhelm anyone trying to study it all. Many of the ideas contained in this material contradict each other. If you uncritically studied all of the material, you might end up being so confused or disillusioned that you would either reject the entire material or end up not knowing what to believe. As I have said many times, we of the ascended masters have no desire to see lifestreams end up in such an impasse or stalemate. We desire to see lifestreams enter a viable spiritual path that will gradually and reliably lead them to a higher state of consciousness. So you simply have to find a way to select some of the material and exclude other material.

If you are a sincere student, you would do well to adopt a standard that only material that comes from the ascended masters is worthy of your time and attention. There is a wide variety of such material available but the bottom line is that it is brought forth through a person who is able to raise his or her consciousness to the level of the Christ consciousness. You simply need to consider that some material is valid and some is not valid, no matter what claims are made by the material or the people bring forth that material.

I foresee that many people will ask how they can select the right type of material. My advice is to make a sincere effort to sharpen your inner attunement, as I explain in the Christhood Course. Then, follow your intuitive insights. If you come across material that seems interesting, study it and apply the technique for inner attunement. If you get the impulse to engage in further studies, by all means do so. If you feel an inner reluctance or doubt about the material, leave it alone for now and look for something that appeals to you.

I know some people will want me to act as a clearinghouse, telling them which material is valid and which is not. However, that would prevent people from developing personal discernment which would impede people’s spiritual progress. Obviously, that is not my intent.

Kim: What does it mean to be a messenger?

Jesus: A messenger is simply a person who receives a message from a source and delivers it to the recipient. As I use the term in this context, it means a person who raises his or her consciousness to the level of the Christ consciousness, receives a message from the ascended masters and delivers that message to people who are not yet able to raise their consciousness to that level.

Kim: Isn’t it a problem that the message is affected by the messenger’s consciousness?

Jesus: Not when you understand the true intent behind the message. The main purpose is to demonstrate to people in a lower state of consciousness that there is a spiritual reality beyond the material world, that it is possible for a human being to contact that reality and that doing so is worthwhile. When we of the ascended masters give a message, we are not trying to bring forth an infallible doctrine. It is essential that all spiritual seekers come to a full recognition of this fact.

When we give a message through a specific messenger, we always have a target audience for that message. The target audience is not so much a group of people but people who are at a specific level of consciousness. Our purpose is to help such people rise to a higher level of consciousness. We hope they will eventually discover the spiritual path and anchor themselves on that path.

When we select a messenger, we attempt to select a person who has experienced and risen above the consciousness of the target audience. This is done so that the target audience can identify with the messenger and so that the messenger can empathize with and understand the audience.

It is always our hope that the messenger will serve as an example for other people to follow. The messenger should demonstrate the path to personal Christhood. Personal Christhood means that you are expressing your God-given individuality in the material world. It is perfectly acceptable that a messenger is expressing his or her God-given individuality through the messengership. What kind of example would we give by having a messenger with no individuality or personality? Members of the ascended masters are not robots, and we want to make it clear that you do not have to turn yourself into a robot to make progress on the spiritual path. So we want our messengers to express their individuality, however, we obviously want it to be their God-given individuality and not the pseudo self, or ego.

All true spiritual teachers are expressing their God-given individuality through the message. This is their right as co-creators with God. Contrary to popular belief, I was no exception to this. My ministry described a universal spiritual path, but the path was described and demonstrated through my individuality. When I talked about the kingdom of heaven, I was describing the kingdom of heaven as seen through the mind of Jesus Christ. How could I possibly do anything else?

You must understand that when we use a messenger, we are always taking a calculated risk. We do not require that a messenger has attained full Christ consciousness. If we did, it would be difficult to find messengers. We realize that the messenger might express some of his or her pseudo identity through the messengership. In some cases, this can indeed abort or distort the entire mission. However, as long as it is not taken into the extremes, it can actually serve a purpose.

Kim: You mean, it is acceptable that a messenger isn’t perfect and is working out his or her personal limitations?

Jesus: It is not necessarily harmful that people see a messenger express certain human characteristics. This might help people identify with the messenger and also help them realize that God does not require his servants to be perfect. What is required is that people are willing to overcome the lower state of consciousness. So if the messenger demonstrates a willingness to overcome the human consciousness, it can serve to illustrate the path. It is important that people can identify with the messenger because part of the spiritual message is that even when you have human imperfections, you can still approach and interact with the spiritual realm.

Because of the relativity of the dualistic mind, people see themselves as being separated from God. When you combine this with an unwillingness to change or take responsibility for your situation, you get a very dangerous cocktail. This causes people to see any spiritual teacher as being far above themselves, and therefore they elevate the teacher to an idol instead of an example. People feel that for various reasons, such as guilt or inadequacy, they could not possibly be worthy to interact with the spiritual realm. Only a perfect person could do that.

When a messenger displays human frailties, it can potentially help prevent idolatry of the messenger. Unfortunately, some people will not let go of the idea that only a perfect person can interact with the spiritual realm, so they use the messenger’s imperfections as an excuse for rejecting the message. Did I mention that even the best spiritual teachers cannot reach everyone?

Let me make it clear that I am in no way saying that a misuse of the messenger’s position is somehow excusable or justified. The messenger will make karma for any misuse of his or her position, as will any other human being. Throughout history, numerous people have attempted to create the illusion that, for whatever reason, they are above the law. The law, however, is no respecter of persons, and therefore no one is above the law. My point is that people should not expect a messenger or spiritual leader to be perfect. They should recognize that the ascended masters can and will communicate with people who are not perfect.

A messenger’s human imperfections also have the function of sorting out people who have not understood one of the basic principles of the spiritual path, namely that in order to know spiritual truth, you must be willing to look beyond the outer appearances found in the material universe. If people focus on the outer imperfections of the messenger, and perhaps use them as an excuse for rejecting the message, they have demonstrated that they are not ready for the message.

I am not thereby saying that we want messengers to have human faults or that such faults are somehow acceptable. Obviously, we want both messengers and students to strive to overcome the lower consciousness. However, you must start somewhere, and your only option is to start at your present level of consciousness and move forward from there. How could a perfect messenger demonstrate the path towards perfection?

Kim: Isn’t there a risk that the messenger can distort or pervert the message or the entire mission?

Jesus: Yes, and this has indeed happened in certain cases. Such distortion always comes about because the messenger is attached to some aspect of the lower consciousness. For example, a messenger might be attached to an outer organization or doctrine and desire to see every aspect of the message fit within certain boundaries. This will not only limit the material we can bring forth through that messenger; it might even cause the messenger to deliberately distort the material in an attempt to make it conform to an outer doctrine. A messenger might also impose certain personal desires or idiosyncrasies that are so restrictive as to limit or distort the mission.

A person might become attached to being a messenger and having followers. Some people started out as genuine messengers but they became attached to being admired by a group of followers. When the mission was completed, the messenger was not willing to let go and wanted to continue the messengership. Such a person might fake messages or open his or her mind to lower entities that are not of the ascended masters.

One of the main challenges for any messenger is to always maintain a clear recognition that the messages come from a higher source. Therefore, the messenger has no ownership of the message. The messenger receives a message freely and must be willing to give the message freely, meaning without conditions.

I have said that there are two basic types of people, namely creators and organizers. When a creator serves as a messenger, he or she will usually be quite willing to freely give the message without attempting to control the recipients. However, if a creator becomes unbalanced, he might decide that he no longer needs the ascended masters as the source of his messages. Or she might decide that she has a right to alter the message according to her own so-called creative expression. For that reason, we often prefer to use organizers as messengers because they will be more concerned about bringing forth a pure message.

If an organizer becomes unbalanced, he or she will want to control the people receiving the message. Such a person might become attached to having power over other people and set him/herself up as an intermediary between the people and the ascended masters. Obviously, that defeats the entire purpose of serving as an open door between people and the ascended masters. An unbalanced organizer is not distorting the message or making it his own; he is attempting to control what the followers do with the message or how they interpret it.

Did I happen to mention that balance is always the key to success in any spiritual endeavor?

Kim: Some of the people who are channeling say that their souls leave their bodies, and the channeled entity takes over the body. The channel is not aware of what is being said. Such channels often claim that this process ensures that the channel’s consciousness does not influence the message, and therefore the message is purer. What is your response?

Jesus: A complex question. Let me start by saying to you, Kim, that even if you were willing to let me take over your body and mind, I would not do so. I am using you as a messenger because you have always had an uncompromising commitment to not let anything or anyone take over your mind.

You need to understand that we of the ascended masters have an uncompromising respect for people’s free will. We will not violate the free will of an individual. We will not take over someone’s body or enter into their mind. If your lifestream leaves the body, and some external entity takes over your body and speaks through it, how could you possibly exercise your God-given free will? How could you exercise discernment concerning what is being said and whether it comes from the ascended masters or from a lower source?

I have talked about the four quadrants of the material realm and I have said there are many beings in the emotional and mental quadrants who are willing to speak through just about anyone. Such beings are quite willing to take over someone’s body or mind. When I walked the earth, we called it possession. We of the ascended masters do not take over someone’s body or mind. However, there are instances in which a person enters into a state of consciousness that from an outside perspective might look like trance. The person is in a state of spiritual ecstasy and is therefore not aware of what is being said. From an outer perspective, there might be no discernible difference. The inner difference is that we of the ascended masters do not enter into and take over a person’s body and mind. The person is in a higher state of consciousness in which the person’s normal waking awareness is temporarily set aside. This allows us to speak through that person or give the person a vision.

For some people it is necessary to set aside their normal waking consciousness before they can serve as messengers or visionaries. This was especially the case in the past when the energies of the material octave were denser than today. It was more difficult to make contact with the spiritual realm, and therefore the setting aside of normal consciousness was often necessary.

In today’s age, we desire to see people who can make contact with their Christ selves without having to be in a trance or an altered state of consciousness. When you walk the path of personal Christhood, you gradually learn to see through and beyond the lower self and to merge with your Christ self. One might say that you move into a new level of awareness in which contact with your Christ self and the spiritual realm becomes a part of your normal, day-to-day consciousness. When you do reach a certain level of Christhood, you have no need to be in a trance or an altered state of consciousness in order to set aside the lower self and receive accurate messages through your Christ self. You simply focus your attention and tune in to your Christ self. This allows you to receive messages from your Christ self or from a member of the ascended masters speaking through the mediator of your Christ self.

What I am saying here is that I do not want people to make black-and-white judgments and reject anything that comes through a person who is in a trance or an altered state of consciousness. However, I do want people to realize that if a person allows an outside entity to take over his body or mind, that entity is not a member of the ascended masters. I also want people to realize that we are moving into an age in which a messenger should be able to receive valid messages without having to be in a trance or even in an altered state of consciousness.

Kim: How do you avoid following a false teacher or teaching?

Jesus: By making a diligent effort to increase your inner attunement and using it to follow the highest truth you can currently grasp.

Let me again talk about creators and organizers. An unbalanced creator tends to be open to anything that seems interesting at the moment. An unbalanced organizer will cling to one particular teaching and elevate it to an infallible doctrine. These two approaches might seem diametrically opposed but they spring from the same state of consciousness, namely a refusal to exercise and sharpen your Christ discernment. Whether you accept everything or reject everything, you are refusing to discern.

You cannot take a mechanical approach to the spiritual path. You cannot define an outer rule that gives you a fail-safe way to determine what is false and what is true. Discernment can only come from within, from your Christ self.

The dream of the mechanical path is that you can find a teaching, organization or Guru that offers only truth. So you can simply follow that outer teaching without thinking, or rather without making the effort to discern. However, even the best spiritual teachings can contain erroneous or incomplete ideas. To make it on the path, you need to learn how to evaluate a single idea and discern whether the idea is valid, regardless of where it came from.

I continually see people who do not want to make an effort to build that discernment or who are so afraid of making a mistake that they would rather not make any choices. They want some kind of Guru to tell them what is true. This simply isn’t the way to walk the spiritual path. You must wrestle with the difficult decisions, and you must be willing to experiment, even if doing so causes you to make a mistake. A false Guru will gladly tell people what to believe in an attempt to make the followers co-dependent on the Guru. A true Guru will force the students to exercise their discernment because the goal of a true Guru is to make the student independent and spiritually self-sufficient.

As I have said before, anything that happens to you can be turned into a springboard for your spiritual growth. I see people who are so afraid of false teachers that they dare not open their minds to anything new. One thing is certain, namely that such people will not grow until they open their minds. What is the greater evil? To close your mind and stand still, or to open your mind and take a risk? In reality, the risk is not that great as long as you keep looking for a higher truth. It is not a disaster to follow a false teaching for a while. As long as you work on sharpening your attunement and remain open to a higher understanding, you will eventually see through that false teaching. By doing so, you will have learned a valuable lesson on your path. You will have spent your time more wisely than if you had been standing still.

Many people in orthodox or traditional religions, and even some followers of New Age teachings, paralyze themselves with a fear of false teachings. You also see this among scientifically minded people who dare not recognize their inner spirituality. My advice is to always follow your highest intuition. If you feel an inner prompting to study a certain teaching, then study the teaching without worrying about whether it is a false teaching or whether it comes through a false teacher. If you feel an inner prompting, it is because your lifestream needs to learn a lesson from studying a specific teaching. Your lifestream might need to learn how to discern a false teaching, and this must happen through direct experience.

Obviously, you should strive to avoid following false teachings. However, the real risk posed by false teachings is not that you temporarily study them because even false teachings contain elements of truth. The real risk is that you might close your mind and elevate a false teaching to an infallible doctrine. Once again, the essential key to spiritual progress is to remain open to a higher understanding.

I see some Christians who are so concerned about the diverse teachings found in the New Age movement that they cling to orthodox doctrines. Unfortunately, some of those orthodox doctrines are perversions of my true teachings, and therefore they deserve to be called false teachings. Yet out of the need for security, such people refuse to acknowledge the falsity of some orthodox doctrines.

Follow the highest truth you can see at the moment and remain open to a higher truth. If you will base your path on this simple advice, you will grow from every situation.

Once again, balance is the key. Some people go into one extreme and refuse to acknowledge the existence of dark forces. They uncritically study any teaching that tickles their fancy without ever considering that it might contain false ideas. Such people will inevitably be influenced by some false ideas. Other people go into the other extreme and become so afraid of dark forces that they cling to one doctrine and refuse to consider anything else. Such people will inevitably close their minds to some true ideas and therefore miss opportunities for growth.

The trick is to realize that the dark forces will win when you go into either extreme. The key to true spiritual progress is to find the middle way of the Christ consciousness whereby you can discern between truth and error. You can avoid error no matter which disguise it is using at the moment.

Kim: You want people to communicate with you and other members of the ascended masters. Many Christians and New Age people claim to have such communication, yet they get conflicting messages. How can you get accurate messages?

Jesus: Begin by studying my teachings about spiritual visions and how valid visions can differ. Then, make a sincere effort develop an uncompromising respect for people’s right to express their visions. Do not engage in conflicts or battles with those who have different spiritual visions. Simply promote your own truth without denouncing the truth of others. When communicating with the spiritual realm, do not seek to bring forth an absolute or infallible doctrine. Seek to bring forth the Living Word, as I defined it earlier.

Study my teachings on the dualistic consciousness and develop an understanding of how the relativity of the lower mind can affect your view of reality. Then, make a commitment to learn to see through the relativity of the lower mind so that it no longer colors your communication with the spiritual realm.

Realize that the key to accurate communication is non-attachment to anything in this world, especially to particular outer doctrines or beliefs. Attachments color your vision, and this can happen at subconscious levels. Learn to see through the subconscious manipulation of your lower self and external forces.

Examine your motives for wanting spiritual communication. They should ideally be based on love, a desire to help other people, a desire to fulfill God’s purposes and a desire to achieve and express the highest possible understanding of the spiritual truth. If you have any kind of self-centered motives, be they a desire to confirm an outer doctrine, a desire for personal attention, a decide to be thought wise among men or a desire for personal gain, you are not likely to receive accurate messages from the spiritual realm. You might receive prolific communication from a lower realm but it will not come from the ascended masters.

Remember my statement about not seeking your reward on earth. I am not saying that a messenger cannot receive monetary compensation because the workman is worth his or her hire. Yet if you are driven by a desire for personal gain, you are not likely to reach the ascended masters.

Maintain moderation in all aspects of your life, from your consciousness to your outer lifestyle. Avoid all drugs, alcohol, tobacco or any extremes of food, such as excess sugar or heavy meats. Did I mention that balance in all things is the key?

Kim: You want everyone to have inner communion, but you are not saying that everyone should be a messenger, are you?

Jesus: Yes I am, but you need to understand that there are many ways to be a messenger.

Consider the analogy of people trapped in a dark room. Some people manage to climb to the ceiling and open a hole through which the light can shine upon them. The simple fact is that anyone who attains glimpses of Christ consciousness, and therefore sees the light, will become a messenger for those who have not yet seen the light. Once you glimpse Christ consciousness, you can tell people that there is more to life than the lower consciousness.

Throughout history, millions of people have served as messengers in various capacities. Many people have served as unconscious messengers. They received intuitive insights or ideas and passed them on to others. In many cases, people presented these ideas as their own, and this is perfectly acceptable. We of the ascended masters are not attempting to take credit.

Many people have been conscious messengers in the sense that they knew their ideas and insights came from a higher realm. Some people have even been aware that their insights came from a particular spiritual being, such as myself. Most of these people have simply passed on their messages without exposing the source.

We have also had a limited number of people who openly declared that they served as messengers for beings in higher realms. In the coming age, we will need many more conscious and declared messengers. However, we are not talking about thousands of declared messengers. We are attempting to bring forth spiritual truth without overwhelming people, so we only need a limited number of people who openly declare themselves as messengers. However, we can use an unlimited number of people who attune to their Christ selves and demonstrate the spiritual path in their everyday lives!

So I want people to realize that when you walk the path of personal Christhood, you will begin to serve in the capacity of a messenger. This should not be the cause for pride or conceit, but on the other hand I do not want people to refuse playing this role. You can serve as a messenger without openly declaring this to the world. Simply live in harmony with your spiritual insights and seek to inspire others whenever you can.

Kim: I am aware of several people whom I believe were genuine messengers for the ascended masters. Yet some of them claimed to be the only messenger. How do you explain this?

Jesus: When you apply the broad definition of a messenger that I have just given, you will see that we of the ascended masters will communicate through anyone who attains even glimpses of Christ consciousness. Therefore, at any given moment there is a great number of messengers on the planet.

There is, however, a higher level of messengership in which a person is anointed as a messenger and receives a mantle as messenger. A mantle can most easily be described as a robe of spiritual energy which we lower upon and anchor in a person’s energy field. There are a number of different spiritual mantles, including mantles for different types of messengers. Only in rare cases do two people hold the same mantle. A person might claim to be the only messenger based on the fact that he or she is the only person currently holding a specific mantle as messenger.

There have also been some people who had a personal need to feel and declare themselves as the only messenger or the only true messenger. We have sometimes allowed people to make that claim because it helped the person overcome that desire. Even though the claim was not strictly correct, we of the ascended masters could still use the person as a valid and valuable messenger.

You must understand that being a messenger is not an easy task. When you hold a high mantle, you will often be attacked by lower forces that oppose the mantle, as seen in the account of my life and mission. It is difficult for most people to imagine what is it is like to hold such a mantle. I hope people will understand that displaying a few personal idiosyncrasies can actually help the messenger hold the balance for his or her mantle. We do not encourage this, but we allow it as long as the person fulfills his or her role as messenger and does not compromise the mantle.

I have attempted to explain that it is quite possible to serve as a messenger or spiritual teacher without having fully overcome the lower consciousness. In some cases, a person’s lower consciousness gives him or her a desire to be the only savior. This can spring from pride and a desire to be the only one to save the planet, but it can also spring from a genuine desire to know that you have made a difference. This can cause people to attempt to set themselves up as the most important spiritual teacher or the only messenger. In many cases, such a desire will be heavily reinforced by a group of followers who have a need to feel that they belong to the most important organization and that their organization alone is saving the planet.

Once you have risen above the lower state of consciousness, all such desires and impulses fade away. We of the ascended masters have no desire to take personal credit for the saving of the planet; we simply want to see the planet saved. Whether you are a student or a messenger, you should strive to develop that same detachment and purity of motive.

Kim: I know people who elevated a messenger to an idol. How should people relate to a messenger?

Jesus: One on the main characteristics of the lower consciousness is that it creates idols. People have a tendency to elevate and idolize those who rise above the crowd. Spiritual seekers are no different, and it has happened that a spiritual leader or messenger has been turned into an idol by his or her followers. In some instances the leader did little to prevent this, and some leaders even encouraged it.

This idolatry is always unfortunate because it does not serve to further the progress of the followers. Idolatry creates the danger that the messenger or leader might begin to believe in the idolatry and therefore compromise his or her mission. Once again, the solution is that everyone strives to put on personal Christhood. The best way to overcome idolatry of others is to realize that you too have infinite value in the eyes of God. That insight will naturally come from contact with your Christ self.

Being a messenger is an important function, but it does not make you any better or more important than those who are listening to the message. If no one was listening to the message, what would be the value of the messenger? Therefore, I do not want to see anyone idolize a messenger.

A messenger should always be seen as an example of how to follow the path of personal Christhood. Don’t let the messenger become more important than the message. Don’t let the outer messenger prevent you from establishing contact to the inner messenger, namely your Christ self.

What is the ultimate success of a true spiritual teacher? It is that the followers embody the teaching and rise to the same level of consciousness as the teacher. When the teacher leaves the material world, there should be someone to carry the torch and continue the mission. If the teacher has not trained a successor, he or she has not completely fulfilled the mission. If no student has dared to rise to the same level of consciousness as the teacher, the students have not fulfilled their mission.

Kim: I see some people, especially psychics, who claim to have spiritual communion and use it to tell others what to do. What are your thoughts about this?

Jesus: When you strive for spiritual communion, you must be aware that the lower self has a need for attention, to be thought wise among men and to control others. This can be seen among all people. You frequently see people who attempt to use spiritual communication to fulfill these lower desires. Such people often claim to have received personal instructions from heavenly beings to other people. They do this in an attempt to make themselves seem important. I strongly discourage people from this approach.

Once again, let me caution against black-and-white thinking. I am not thereby saying that a messenger can never give a personal message. What I am saying is that when you are new to inner communion, you should strive to get messages that apply to yourself only. In most cases it is best to keep such information private without sharing it with others.

What I would like to see is that every spiritual seeker finds a selection of spiritual teachings that were brought forth through reliable messengers. Study such teachings to get an overall understanding of the spiritual path. Then, make a sincere effort to establish contact to your Christ self and use that contact to get specific directions related to your personal life.

In some instances it can be acceptable to seek personal advice from a spiritual teacher. However, always bear in mind that the true purpose of the path is to attain Christhood. When you do so, you can get advice from the best teacher of all, your Christ self. Many people allow themselves to become codependent on some kind of teacher, religious authority figure or even a psychic. They can no longer make decisions without consulting the oracle. This is an unhealthy reaction, and the best way to overcome it is to establish contact with your Christ self. If you can get answers from within who needs answers from without?

If you desire inner communication, make a commitment to study spiritual teachings. Remember my saying that a spiritual teacher can only multiply what the student brings to the altar.

Kim: What is the biggest challenge for a messenger or spiritual teacher?

Jesus: The biggest challenge is that the messenger might gradually develop a subtle feeling that he or she is somehow above the followers. It is very easy to think that because you are a messenger, you are special or in a separate category. This can be heavily reinforced if the followers begin to idolize the messenger.

The most devastating effect of this is that the messenger begins to set himself or herself apart from the followers. Many spiritual or religious organizations have a culture in which the leader is seen as being above any member of the organization. The leader might actually reinforce this culture and seek to increase or maintain the distance.

The true purpose of any messenger is to demonstrate the path to personal Christhood. The true success of any spiritual teacher is to take the students to the same level of consciousness as the teacher. In other words, if a messenger is successful, the followers will walk the path of personal Christhood. As they walk that path, the distance between the consciousness of the student and the consciousness of the teacher naturally becomes smaller.

This is the supreme challenge for any spiritual teacher. Will the teacher allow the student to rise to the same level, or possibly go beyond, that of the teacher? An immature or unenlightened teacher will not allow this to happen. A mature or enlightened teacher will encourage it.

Kim: What would you say to a person who wants to become a messenger?

Jesus: Don’t even try! Give up, surrender and let go of all desires to become a messenger. Instead, focus all of your attention on studying the spiritual path and manifesting your personal Christhood.

If you deliberately seek messengership, if you seek to take it by force, you will not become a messenger for the ascended masters. You might become a messenger for lower forces but not for us.

Do not seek messengership. Seek first individual Christhood, and the messengership might be added unto you if that is your role in life. Do not seek messengership; allow it to find you.


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