Be patient about North Korea

Question: There was a big tension for a while between North and South Korea early this year (2013), in March. North Korea has developed a nuclear weapon which can decide South Korea’s destiny, even though North Korea thinks they get weapons from America. What is the ascended masters’ vision for both the North and South Korean people to overcome the duality consciousness?

Answer from Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels.

There are many, many people in South Korea who are very dear to our hearts, who are highly evolved spiritually, have pure hearts and pure intentions. There are of course also such people embodied in North Korea, but in far smaller numbers due to the conditions there and the lack of openness. Thus, it can truly be said that the people of South Korea are holding the spiritual balance for the people of North Korea.

There is no doubt that the vision of the ascended masters is for a reunification of the two Koreas so that they are unified as one democratic nation, just as you have seen with Germany. This will of course be a great sacrifice for the people of the South and it will create quite an economic turmoil for some time.

When exactly this will happen I will not prophecy about for it depends on too many variables. What I will say, is this: Most of what is coming out of North Korea is simply empty threats. The North Korean nuclear program is not nearly as sophisticated as even the North Korean leaders believe. It is not as sophisticated as portrayed by the American intelligence services. It is one thing to have developed certain weapons, it is another thing to actually make them work.

Thus, I would counsel patience; the best ally for working towards the vision of a unified Korea at this point in time. There are forces within North Korea who are already moving in a way that the leaders cannot stop towards a breakdown of the system. It is true that many people are dying of starvation. We of the ascended masters have compassion for this. But certainly, if there was an armed confrontation, many more people would die.

Therefore, again, it is sometimes necessary to allow free will to outplay itself. As the North Korean people are not standing up to their leaders to a certain degree, then there is no opening for bringing a swift resolution to the problem.

It is very difficult, of course, for both embodied beings and ascended beings to stand by and watch the continuation of such suffering. But in all honesty, do we not see the same many places around the world? We of the ascended masters even face the situation that we see all human suffering as essentially unnecessary, and thus we many times wonder how long will people continue.

How severe does the suffering have to be before someone comes to the point where they say, as Saint Germain expressed: “It is time to end this.” There must be a certain number of people in North Korea who come to that point of resolution, and dare to speak it to the leaders who will not let go of power.

Give this situation time. Make the calls, give the rosaries, hold the vision, but be patient. Be not in a state of panic. Do not envision that other nations, whether the United States or any others, need not take immediate military action, for this would not be wise at all.

You may also envision that China resolves some of its internal impotence concerning the North Korean issue. Certainly, China could play a role here, but nevertheless it is not China that will solve the problem. We of course do not envision for North Korea becoming a part of China, but becoming part of a unified Korea.


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