Basic teachings on the second death

TOPICS: The connection between consciousness and energy – Conscious You can create based on a sense of connection or a sense of separation – if it creates from separation, the Conscious You creates a downward spiral – it is possible but difficult to extricate oneself from this spiral – fallen lifestreams have built a sense of beings as gods, who can define right and wrong – at some point, their opportunity comes to an end – what happens in the second death –

Question: I was confused about the soul having the second death, being erased for good. Energy cannot be erased—a soul is energy, so can you explain this more clearly? 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Everything that has form is created from God’s substance, or God’s energy; what we call the Ma-ter light. God has created a continuum of vibrations, and you live in one pocket, namely what is called the material universe, or the physical octave. The material universe is created from energies that originated in the spiritual realm. These energies are lowered in vibration until they vibrate within the spectrum of frequencies that make up the material universe. Lower energies cannot affect higher energies.

When scientists say – in the first law of thermodynamics – that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, they are technically correct, but there is more to it. God has created all energy, and God can certainly destroy it. However, a being in a particular realm – such as the material universe – cannot create or destroy energy within that realm or from a higher realm.

What we now need to add is that all form is created from the energy of the Ma-ter light. However, a given form is created by a mental image being superimposed upon the Ma-ter light until it outpictures the form. So we now see that form is created FROM energy, but it is created BY consciousness.

As we explain elsewhere, the Conscious You is created in the spiritual realm. It has no form, no material substance, and that is why it cannot be destroyed or affected by any of the lower vibrations of the material realm. That is why we say it is “pure awareness.” In other words, the Conscious You is consciousness that is meant to co-create by superimposing mental images upon energy.

So when the Conscious You descends, it will start using energy to co-create form. The question now is how it qualifies those energies. Ideally, the Conscious You will form mental images based on a sense of being connected to something greater than itself and a desire to raise up everything it encounters. These mental images will then rise and become part of its causal body. The energies qualified by such images will also rise, and part of them will be stored in the causal body (building a positive momentum) and part of them will be multiplied by the I AM Presence and sent back to you. This will then increase your creative powers.

Now, the Conscious You can also decide to enter into what we call the consciousness of separation and duality. In order to do this, it must first create or accept a self-image as a separate being who is disconnected from its source. Once the Conscious You steps into such a separate self, it will now create mental images based on its sense of separation rather than its former sense of being connected to the whole. These images cannot rise to the causal body.

Furthermore, all energies qualified by such images cannot rise, and thus they will not be multiplied by the I AM presence. That is why your lifestream becomes a closed system, and you can eventually run out of all creative energy. Your only option then is to take energy from the material realm (as opposed to receiving it from the spiritual realm), which means you must take it from other people. You become an energy vampire.

So the question now becomes where these lower energies go—as science is correct that once you step into the separate self you cannot destroy the energies qualified through that sense of self? And the answer is that they begin to accumulate in what we might call the separate self or the lower self. This part of your being is what many spiritual teachings call the soul, because they do not have the concept of the Conscious You and they do not differentiate between consciousness and energy.

So the point is that as long as the Conscious You sees itself as a separate being, it cannot leave behind that sense of self, nor can it leave behind or transmute the energies qualified through that self. Yet this will mean that the Conscious You cannot ascend when the physical body dies, and that necessitates reincarnation.

Take note that what many teachings call karma is a combination of the mental images created through the separate self and the energies qualified through that self. The energies can be requalified through a somewhat mechanical process, but transcending the mental images requires a conscious process of you deciding to dismiss your former images and the decisions that caused them.

You now need to realize that the Conscious You is an extension of the I AM Presence, which is an extension of an ascended master, which is an extension of an even higher being, which ultimately is an extension of the Creator. There is only one mind, one consciousness, and every self-aware being is an extension of it, an individualization of it. The purpose of this individualization is that every spark of the Creator’s mind has the potential to grow in self-awareness until it reaches the same level of consciousness as the Creator. You then become a Creator, who can create your own world of form.

We might say that the Creator gives you a part of its own mind on loan. You have free will, so you can do with that what you want, and the Creator even allows itself to be trapped in a lower form, if that is what you desire to co-create. However, the Creator does not want to forever have part of its mind trapped in a lower form.

What can happen to the Conscious You is that it gradually becomes completely identified with the separate self it has created. Thus, it creates a downward spiral that becomes self-reinforcing. The Conscious You creates more and more mental images based on separation, and as long as it is looking at life through those images, the Conscious You is absolutely convinced that it is a separate being. In other words, the Conscious You sees through so many layers of illusions, that it can never really question its basic world view. Nor can it extricate itself from the separate self and experience itself as pure awareness. In the here and now, the Conscious You is who it thinks it is, who it sees itself as being.

The Conscious You also generates more and more lower energies, and they exert a magnetic pull on the separate self. So as long as the Conscious You identifies with the separate self, it will also feel this pull, and this will make it seem even more convincing that you are a separate being. It will also make it more difficult to experience pure awareness. The Conscious You is literally in a maelstrom of lower energies that pull it further and further down and also ties it to the collective downward spirals created on this planet by other lifestreams trapped in separation. Once such a downward spiral reaches a critical point, it becomes self-reinforcing because the Conscious You cannot stop it as long as it still identifies with the separate self.

As I said, the Conscious You is pure awareness, and it cannot be changed by any self or any energies in the material realm. What is changed is not the Conscious You  but its self-image. So the Conscious You can at any time choose to pull itself out of its separate self and again experience itself as pure awareness. Once it has this experience, it has a frame of reference for gradually deconstructing the separate self. However, the catch is that once the Conscious You has been trapped in a downward spiral, it can only extricate itself by admitting that the entire separate self it has created is an illusion. And if its separate self is based on pride, this can be very difficult to do, especially if the Conscious You has come to believe that it has created a benign and very sophisticated self—perhaps even a self that knows better than God how the universe should be run.

We have in other places talked about the effect of the duality consciousness, which makes you think that you have the capacity to be as a god on earth and define what is right and wrong based on your own vision. Thus, once you define a separate self as if it really has ultimate truth, it is difficult to extricate yourself from it, because you will have to admit that everything you have created – including the sense of superiority you have built – is a complete illusion that has nothing to do with the reality of God.

In our teaching about the spheres, you will see that some beings fell in a previous sphere, and they have continued to fall into this latest sphere. Thus, they have a very long momentum on denial and they are absolutely convinced that one day they will prove God wrong and be proven right. The Creator truly is very patient with such lifestreams, but as everything else in the world of form, there must come an end to their opportunity. And this is what we call the second death, in order to distinguish it from the “first” death, which is when the physical body dies and the lifestream reincarnates. The second death – which could be called the final death – is when the opportunity to reincarnate anywhere in the world of form comes to a permanent end.

In the second death, all of the misqualified energies created by that lifestream will be requalified and returned to their pure form. Yet they will be returned to the universal reservoir of energy and will not go to the causal body around the I AM Presence. The mental images created through the separate self will be erased. Yet this will happen through a special process. Instead of the Conscious You looking at the images and deciding to replace the decision behind them, the I AM Presence now does this. This means the learning process happens at the level of the Presence, so that some of the experiences can still be stored in the causal body.

In terms of the Conscious You, it is completely absorbed back into the I AM Presence, as if it had never existed. The I AM Presence can choose to send down another Conscious You based on its experiences, but it will not be the exact same as the previous one. Thus, we might say that in the second death, a specific lifestream is indeed erased or lost.


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