Basic teachings on soul fragmentation and mental illness

TOPICS: How the Conscious You descends into embodiment – the Conscious You starts in a mystery school – the Conscious You creates its own self – individuality and the Conscious You – the ideal path to Christhood – ideally your 4-fold vehicle cannot be fragmented – only when 4-fold vehicle is based on separation, can it be fragmented – why people feel threatened – four ways for the soul to fragment – structure of the soul – how the crystalline structure is fragmented – fragmentation causes sense of loss and pain – basic ways to cope with fragmentation – real cause of mental illness – those who are unreachable – those who need professional help – those who can help themselves – protection, being cut free, transmutation – a life-time commitment to the spiritual path – three stages of Christhood –

Question: There are spiritual and psychological teachings that say the soul can be divided, split or fragmented. You talk about that in the answer to the question about schizophrenia. What happens to lost fragments of the soul? What spiritual or psychological techniques exist for the return of those fragments? Is this a viable or necessary thing for healing severe mental illnesses?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The topic of soul fragmentation and soul division is potentially quite complex. Yet because of the nature of the question, I will here focus on the practical rather than the philosophical aspects. In other words, what do you need to know about soul fragmentation in order to protect yourself from it or heal a mental illness.

In the following answer, I will assume you are familiar with our teachings about the four levels of the material realm, and the teachings about the components of self, especially the relationship between the I AM Presence and the Conscious You. I will also assume you have read a previous answer concerning whether the soul is physical or spiritual.

We begin by looking at the I AM Presence. It exists in the spiritual realm, which is far above the material world in vibration, meaning the Presence cannot in any way be destroyed or split by the lower vibrations of the material world. Yet this also means that the Presence cannot descend directly into the material world. The I AM Presence has a distinct individuality, which it desires to express in the material world. In order to do that, the Presence creates an extension of itself, that can descend into the material world. That extension is the Conscious You.

The Conscious You is an extension of the consciousness of the I AM Presence. Yet the Presence does not embed its individuality in the Conscious You. The Conscious You is like a lens through which the Presence can express itself and through which it can experience the material world. So the Conscious You is what descends into the lower vibrations of the material realm, yet because it is pure awareness – and it is pure awareness because it has no individuality – it too cannot be destroyed or split by the lower vibrations in the material world.

However – and here is the essence of the problem – even the Conscious You cannot act directly in the material world. In order to act in the material world, the Conscious You must create or take on a “body” made from the vibrations of the material spectrum. As we explain, there are four levels of the material realm, so creating a physical body means creating “four lower bodies,” namely an identity “body,” a mental “body,” an emotional “body” and then the physical body.

When the Conscious You is first created, it simply isn’t capable of creating four lower bodies. It has no experience with co-creation and it has no experience with the vibrations of the four levels. Thus, a new Conscious You starts out in what we call a mystery school, as symbolized by the Garden of Eden. This is an environment in the identity realm, and here it can experiment with taking on “bodies” created for the identity realm by a spiritual teacher.

The basic quality of the Conscious You is that because it is pure awareness, it can project itself anywhere it envisions, and this is what allows it to descend into embodiment. In other words, the Conscious You does not become an identity body or a physical body. It projects itself into a sense of self. It is like an actor putting on a costume and make-up in order to play a predefined part in a play.

So the Conscious You starts out in the mystery school by projecting itself into an “identity self” created by the spiritual teacher. We might compare this to a student who enters a flight simulator, where it can get a sense of what it is like to fly an airplane without risking a crash.

When the Conscious You has attained some mastery of an identity self, it takes on an identity/mental self and again experiments. After that it takes on an identity/mental/emotional self. Finally it takes on an identity/mental/emotional/physical self without actually descending into the material spectrum. It is still in a simulated environment.

After it has attained a certain mastery with this process, the Conscious You enters a new phase, in which it now starts defining its own self, instead of taking on one defined by the teacher. How does it define this self? It does so based on its contact with the I AM Presence and its experience with the four levels. The Conscious You starts with a point-like sense of self, in which it knows it is connected to something greater than itself, but it has no direct experience of the I AM Presence. Thus, the individuality of the Presence cannot be expressed fully through the Conscious You.

As the Conscious You experiments, it also expands its sense of self. And as long as it follows the guidance of the teacher, this means the Conscious You will become more and more aware that it is an open door for the Presence. As this happens, the individuality of the Presence can shine through the Conscious You in greater measure. In other words, the Conscious You does not take on or become the individuality of the Presence; it only becomes a more and more open door for the Presence. This means that when the Conscious You creates a self, it will reflect the individuality of the I AM Presence.

In the ideal scenario, the Conscious You will continue to follow the guidance of the teacher, until it is ready to create an actual identity/mental/emotional/physical body and project itself into it. It is no longer in a simulation environment, but descends into the “real world.”

My point for this long explanation is to explain that what many people see as the soul is actually an identity/mental/emotional/physical body created by the Conscious You. In the ideal scenario, this 4-fold vehicle – I will avoid calling it the soul from now on – is a reflection of the individuality of the I AM Presence. The individuality will not at first be expressed in full measure, but as the Conscious You gains experience with expressing itself, the individuality will become more and more expressed. Thus, the path to Christhood is ideally the path whereby the Conscious You becomes the open door through which the individuality and power of the I AM Presence can be expressed in full measure. I and my father are one.

Yet exactly how is the individuality of the Presence reflected in the design of the identity/mental/emotional/physical body? We can compare this to a movie projector, where the individuality of the Presence is the film strip. The individuality is like an image that is projected onto the screens of the four lower bodies. The reason why this is important is that it explains that in the ideal scenario, your 4-fold vehicle cannot be divided or destroyed.

At present the material world is – at least on planet earth – an environment that is deeply affected by the duality consciousness and fallen beings. Thus, it is quite likely that when you descend into embodiment, you will be traumatized in any number of ways, and such trauma can indeed cause damage to your 4-fold vehicle. There is simply no way to avoid that, given conditions. Yet what I am saying is that in the ideal scenario such trauma can be healed almost instantly, when you make a conscious decision to not react to it. In that case, the trauma is like someone striking water. At first, there is a big splash, but the water soon returns to its calm state, where it again forms the perfect mirror for reflecting the individuality projected by the I AM Presence.

In other words, when your 4-fold vehicle is built based on seeing yourself as an extension of the I AM Presence, soul division or fragmentation simply isn’t an issue. So now let us look at the not so ideal scenario.

As Maitreya explains in great depth in his book,  there were some lifestreams in the mystery school who decided to take the initiation of the duality consciousness before they were ready. They were misled by the serpentine mind into thinking that they were now advanced enough to actually descend into physical embodiment—even though the teacher told them they were not ready. Thus, they decided to take “heaven” – or rather embodiment – by force.

In reality, these lifestreams were not capable of defining their own 4-fold vehicle. Their abilities were limited by the level they had reached before they turned their backs on the teacher. So what they did was to take on a 4-fold vehicle that was partly their own creation and partly the creation of fallen beings. Yet either way, this vehicle was not a reflection of the individuality of their I AM Presence; it was created based on the illusion of separation.

This had two effects. One was that the ideas, mental images and beliefs that made up the individuality of the 4-fold vehicle were affected by the duality consciousness. They might have been based on some of the individuality in a lifestream’s I AM presence, but it was perverted by the duality consciousness.  As we have explained,  everything in the duality consciousness must have an opposite polarity. This means that when a dualistic quality encounters its opposite polarity, it will seem as if it will be cancelled out by the opposite.

It should now be possible to see that when your 4-fold vehicle is based on the duality consciousness, it is in a constant state of being threatened by its dualistic opposite. Your sense of identity, your mental sense of self and your emotional sense of self is constantly threatened by the dualistic opposite of the beliefs out of which your vehicles are made.

We now see that there are four ways in which your 4-fold vehicle – your soul – can be fragmented. At the physical level, having your body killed or in other ways experiencing physical pain can lead to such severe trauma that it creates a fragmentation of your emotional “body.” Encountering very intense emotions from other people can also be the cause of trauma. Consider how easily you are affected when other people are angry at you or have an evil intent to destroy you. At the mental level, experiencing the overturning of deeply held beliefs can cause trauma. For example, many Christians have felt their belief in mainstream Christianity destroyed by science, and this can cause a split in the 4-fold vehicle. Such experiences can also cause a split at the identity level, when you feel like your very sense of identity is threatened. This can also happen when fallen beings threaten your sense that you are a basically good person by accusing you falsely—as they often do.

We will now go one step further by realizing that the 4-fold vehicle is made from two components. One is the mental images and beliefs and the other is the energy that drives everything in the world of form. The images and beliefs form what we might compare to a crystalline structure. You know there are certain toys, where you can fit plastic or metal pieces together to create a structure with empty spaces inside a cage. The energy component is what fits inside the structure, almost as if you put balls inside the cage.

Now, in the ideal scenario, your 4-fold vehicle has no images or beliefs based on duality. The effect of this is that even if you are attacked, you will not take the attack personally, because you don’t feel threatened the same way. Thus, even if the crystalline structure is damaged, it can be almost instantly healed by you letting go and returning to pure awareness. This is the higher meaning of my teaching to turn the other cheek. When you truly turn the other cheek, no lower force can harm your higher bodies.

Before you attain full Christhood, you can be temporarily affected, and this can cause you to lose some of the energy inside the structure. Yet when you return to pure awareness, you will magnetize that energy back to yourself. In other words, you can learn to quickly heal yourself from any trauma you are exposed to while in embodiment. When you attain full Christhood, even your physical body is not truly physical. Thus, it is possible to manifest a body that appears physical but cannot be killed by any force on earth.

When your 4-fold vehicle is made from the duality consciousness, the crystalline structure can very easily be damaged or fragmented by conditions in this world, as described above. Furthermore, the energies inside the structure vibrate at a lower level, meaning they can easily be sucked out or lost when there is a hole in the structure. So when the 4-fold vehicle is fragmented, it is because something has blasted a piece of the crystalline structure away along with its contents of energy. You are now left with a structure that is no longer whole, but has a big hole in it. And you will feel this as a severe trauma.

If the fragment of the structure and the loss of energy is big enough, you will be left feeling so divided – a house divided against itself – that it is unbearable, and this is the real cause of all severe mental illnesses. There is such severe pain and sense of loss, that you cannot function normally—you simply must do something to overcome the sense of emptiness, loss and pain. The question is what to do, and this is where we see the classical catch-22 that literally causes people to be crucified by their own 4-fold vehicles.

There are several basic ways to cope with soul fragmentation:

  • You seek to numb yourself, so the pain becomes bearable. This can be done through a chemical substance, which inevitably leads to addiction. The addiction then creates other incidents that cause trauma, which can lead to further soul division. This leads to a downward spiral that continues until you hit rock bottom and decide to fundamentally change your approach. Incidentally, what modern psychiatry does with medication is similar to this approach. If it is not combined with talk therapy, it will not resolve the division. Take note that if people are severely divided, it can be necessary to seek psychiatric treatment, so I am not denouncing treatment or discouraging people from seeking help.
  • You seek to quickly get energy from other people, so your sense of emptiness is lessened. One way to do this is through sex, where you take in energy from the person with whom you are having sex. This is part of the explanation for rape and pedophilia. Obviously, this also does not resolve the division. Another way to do this is by creating arguments or fights with other people or abusing them in various ways. Those who perform torture or serial killers also do this as a way to steal energy to cover over severe inner division.
  • You invite a foreign entity into your 4-fold vehicle to fill the hole. This might be a discarnate soul, a demon or what Gautama Buddha calls a beast.  This will literally mean that you now have a foreign being occupying space in your 4-fold vehicle, and it will obviously lead to what people call bipolar disease, split personality, multiple personality disorder or schizophrenia. Sometimes the foreign entity will take over your mind, and sometimes you will be in control.
  • You seek to avoid having your wounds triggered by withdrawing from people or from life. In the past, many people entered monasteries for that reason, and today you see many people in spiritual communities who are seeking to hide their inner division. Incidentally, a spiritual teaching can indeed be misused for this purpose.
  • You seek to avoid having your wounds triggered by controlling your environment. This can be anything from the leader of a dysfunctional family to the CEO of a corporation or the dictator of a country. Hitler, Stalin, Mao and other dictators were willing to kill any number of people in order to control their environment, and they were all driven by severe soul fragmentation.
  • You seek to repair the fracture in your 4-fold vehicle. This can be done in many different ways, but it usually involves using the duality consciousness to build up a new structure and then fill it with lower energy. The fracture caused your original soul structure to be damaged, and this makes you feel unwhole. Closing the hole can give you some sense of wholeness. In other words, even if your 4-fold vehicle is created from the duality consciousness, an unbroken structure still gives you some sense of wholeness, some sense of being in control. One way to seek to repair the damage is to let your ego create new mental images based on the trauma. This might cause you to see yourself as a victim, or it might cause you to appoint a scapegoat and now seek to fight or destroy it. Thus, you close the hole with a new structure that springs from the trauma, and you fill the gap with energies such as fear or anger. Of course, this will not heal your inner division, but many people have built so many layers of this, that they still have some sense of being whole and being in control.

You now see that some of the worst atrocities in human history were caused by people with soul fragmentation. Some of the worst abuses on a personal or family level were also caused by this. Most mental illnesses and severe psychological problems are caused by a fragmentation of the 4-fold vehicle. And based on this realization, we can finally begin to suggest what can be done about it.

First, we have a group of people for whom the fragmentation is so severe that they are trapped in a dysfunctional pattern. As long as people are going downward in their spiral, there is usually nothing that can be done to help them. They are unreachable, and nothing you could say to them would make a difference. They have to act out their pattern until they hit some kind of bottom and decide to do what they have not done so far: take responsibility for themselves and acknowledge that they created the separate self and they are the ones who must uncreate it.

Then we have another group of people, who have such severe fragmentation that it will be impossible or very difficult for them to heal it on their own. I highly recommend that such people seek whatever professional help is available to them. You live in a time, when the schism of mental illness should have faded away, so there should be no more shame associated with mental illness than physical illness. Beyond psychiatrists and psychologists, you can also consider alternative practitioners, but as with more traditional therapists, it is important to find the right person to help you. Thus, the person itself is more important than the methods used. Yet as a general recommendation, you might look at gestalt therapy and EMDR. In terms of spirit release therapy or more shamanic methods for soul retrieval, I will again say that the practitioner’s level of maturity is all-important. It is also extremely important to combine therapy with the spiritual tools I will recommend below.

We now have a third group, who are not so fragmented that they absolutely need a therapist, although they can still benefit from one. Yet you can at least do something on your own. So what can you indeed do?

The first thing to do is to realize that when your 4-fold vehicle is fragmented, it is open to external influences, such as dark beings or lower energies. So you need to first of all establish a shield of spiritual protection around your energy field. This can be done most effectively by using the tools we have given, such as Archangel Michael’s Rosary, and the decrees to Archangel Michael and Hercules.

I am not here talking about dabbling in decreeing, but about making a commitment to a daily program of sincere application. Your effort should be guided by how severe of a fragmentation you feel and how strong of a desire you have to overcome it. I am talking about half and hour or more every day for spiritual protection.

The next step is to realize that you might already have taken in or at least created a tie to lower beings or energies. The absolutely most effective way to cut yourself free from such ties is the decree to Elohim Astrea. Again, half an hour or more on top of the protection decrees.

The next step is to realize that you might already have taken in lower energies, that pull on you from the inside. The way to deal with that is to invoke spiritual energy to transform the lower energy. Here the decrees of all seven rays can help you, but I recommend you start with the violet flame decrees. Again, half an hour on top of the previous decrees.

You can benefit from giving decrees along with the recordings that our messenger has prepared. This will not only help you learn the decrees, but there is also light released through the recording that many people with fragmentation cannot invoke on their own.

Once you have invoked enough light to feel some relief, you can begin to use the other tools we have given. You can begin with the Spiritual Crisis Toolkit, and then move on to some of the many other invocations. The East-West Invocation calls specifically for lost soul fragments to be returned to you. There are however many other invocations designed to help you deal with specific problems, and once you overcome the worst sense of chaos, you will be guided from within.

Now, what I have said so far is simply a stop-gap program to help you overcome the most severe effects of fragmentation. The next phase is to realize that attaining wholeness is truly a long-term, even a life-time commitment. That is why you need to adopt the view that you are on a spiritual path that will gradually lead you from your current level of consciousness to the full Christ consciousness, that is your highest potential but also a realistic potential.

This means that you grab onto the spiritual path as you are currently able to see and understand it, and then you keep following it to the best of your ability. Yet you should also be aware that the path is a path of self-transcendence, meaning it has many levels. There will come points where you need to step up to a higher vision and application.

In the later phases, you can benefit from the teaching I have given in this answer, namely that your 4-fold vehicle – what most people call the soul – is not created by God and does not currently reflect the individuality of your I AM Presence. Thus, for people who have descended into separation, the path to Christhood has three distinct phases:

  • In the lower phase, it will be necessary to seek to seal up any holes in your soul or to return lost fragments. Yet this is a stop-gap measure that only serves to get you onto the real path.
  • In the second phase, you are not actually seeking to heal or perfect your soul, because it is created from the illusions of the duality consciousness. Thus, it truly can never be raised to a point, where it can enter the spiritual realm. What you are really doing is to disentangle the Conscious You from its identification with the soul created from duality. You do this by invoking spiritual light to transmute the lower energies in your 4-fold vehicle, and you do it by using spiritual teachings to replace all dualistic illusions in your 4-fold vehicle. However, it is essential to realize that this phase will not actually bring you to Christhood and it will not qualify you for your ascension. It will simply return you to the state you were in before you entered into duality. In other words, what you are doing during this phase is NOT perfecting the soul but transcending the soul. You are allowing the soul to die bit by bit, as I expressed when I said that if you seek to save your life – meaning the soul created from duality – you would lose it. But if you were willing to lose your life for my sake – let the dualistic soul die – you would find eternal life through the Christ consciousness.
  • The third phase is when you can begin to do what you actually came here to do, namely be an open door for the individuality of your I AM Presence to be expressed in this world. You will attain full Christhood, when you become the open door—and nothing more.


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