Baird T. Spalding “Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East”

TOPICS: Was everything in the books authentic? – does it matter? – stories often expand people’s imagination – Spalding was very intuitive but a complex personality – books show goal but no path to the goal –

Question: Recently I read a story on Baird Spalding, author of a series of books entitled “Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East” which most of us on the spiritual path have been guided to read at one time or another. The magazine article indicated there was some question as to the claims made by Spalding regarding his experiences. In the book he claimed he was born in 1857 and the experiences he wrote about took place before the turn of the century. At the time of his death in a motel room in 1953 he carried a driver’s license that indicated he was born May 28, 1904 and he also left behind him large debts and no money. There is a mystery here. According to one account Spalding was supposedly inhabited by three lifestreams – his grandfather who supposedly had some of those experiences, an old miner and a little child. I would like to know what the real story is behind the writing of these books and their authenticity. I found the books to be very inspiring.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

There is a reason why you, and so many other spiritual seekers, have found the “Life and Teachings” books to be very inspiring. There is a reason why these books have been popular with spiritual seekers for many decades and are still popular today. The reason is that the books do contain authentic teachings about the universal spiritual path that transcends all religions. The books also contain authentic teachings about the existence of the ascended masters, as a group of spiritual beings dedicated to the spiritual growth of humankind. The books can therefore serve as a tool for awakening the inner memory that most spiritual seekers carry with them at a lifestream level.

As for the authenticity of the books, it all depends on what you mean with authenticity. Consider a famous book entitled “20,000 Leagues under the Sea,” written by Jules Verne. The book describes events that supposedly took place in the mid 1800s. It describes a large submarine, which was completely unheard of at the time. Furthermore, the submarine had an inexhaustible power source, very similar to today’s nuclear reactors. This was a power source that could not even be imagined by people at the time, because it was not until Einstein’s theory of relativity was published in 1905 that people could envision harnessing the power stored in the atom. Was there an actual nuclear submarine in the mid 1800s? Obviously, there was not. Nevertheless, one must consider whether this submarine, and many of the other futuristic phenomena described in Jules Verne’s books, were solely the product of the imagination of the author or whether he had some genuine inspiration from above?

Likewise, does it really matter in today’s world whether there ever was an actual expedition, such as the one described by Baird T. Spalding? If you think back to the time when the “Life and Teachings” books were written, you will see that there were numerous books that described journeys and discoveries that never actually took place. Nevertheless, such descriptions did serve a valid purpose of expanding the mental horizons of humankind.

This was indeed part of the plan of the ascended masters, because during the late 1800s and the early 1900s, we were seeking to expand the consciousness of humankind considering what was possible in the material world. We did this partly by inspiring new scientific discoveries, such as Einstein’s theory and quantum physics, but we also did this by inspiring various kinds of fiction that truly served to expand people’s mental boxes. This was done to set the foundation for the even greater expansion of people’s consciousness that we are seeking to achieve at the present time and have been seeking to bring about for decades through the self-help and New Age movements. Again, we are working at many different levels to expand people’s mental horizons concerning what is possible beyond the material world.

The “Life and Teachings” books contain much material that was indeed inspired by several members of the ascended masters, who were working with Baird Spalding. Therefore, one might say that Spalding was serving as a messenger for the ascended masters. Unfortunately, Spalding was a complex personality and a wounded lifestream. What made it possible for us to use him was his intuitive ability, his sensitivity to energies beyond the material realm. However, this also became a liability for his personal growth because he found it increasingly difficult to determine what was real and unreal and what was a part of himself and not a part of himself.

Unfortunately, this prevented him from bringing forth the higher teachings that could potentially have been brought forth through him. Nevertheless, he deserves credit for bringing forth a series of books that do contain many teachings that are valid today. He deserves credit for serving to help enlighten many spiritual seekers to the existence of the ascended masters and the spiritual path that goes beyond all religions.

From my viewpoint, there is really only one lack concerning the “Life and Teachings” books. If you consider the message of the books, you will see that the goal is to expand people’s awareness. It was the intention to give later teachings through Spalding that would show people a more practical path to follow. Because this did not come to pass, the books set up a vision of the mastery people could attain without giving them a logical and systematic path for reaching the goal of a higher state of consciousness.

In other words, when you have read the books, where do you go from there? Do you travel to India and Tibet and roam around the mountains, hoping that these exalted spiritual masters will one day appear to you? How can you get from where you are right now in consciousness to where these masters are? This explains why we of the ascended masters seek to give people a more systematic path. The Transcendence Toolbox website LINK is just one of our endeavors, and I dare say it contains a set a very practical tools for attaining Christ consciousness.

Let me also mention that many of the places and events described in the “Life and Teachings” books are not and were never meant to be descriptions of events or places in the material frequency spectrum. They are descriptions of what exists and takes place in the spiritual retreats of the ascended masters. Once again, the format of a journey by a team of scientists was chosen because it was suited to the level of consciousness that humankind had in the early 1900s. Science and technology was the main tool for expanding people’s world view at the time, and they were fascinated by still unexplored regions of the physical planet.

One might say the “Life and Teachings” books were an attempt to help people make the leap from a scientific world view, which gives a universal view of the material world, to a new spiritual view that goes beyond traditional religion by giving a universal view of the spiritual world. As such, the books have been quite successful, although in the present age much more can be given, as you can see in the pages of this website.


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