At some point, you will have to break the pact your ego has made with the devil

TOPICS: Consider why you see things a certain way and what that says about your psychology – all seekers need to deal with concept of a devil – you must deal with your view of dark forces in order to be free of them – 99% of all people influenced by dark forces – being aware of dark forces without giving them energy – why the New Age movement has not fulfilled its potential – how can you see the atrocities in the world and still deny the existence of dark forces? – divine love challenges imperfections in order to set people free – some New Age people are as judgmental as fundamentalist Christians – the duality consciousness and the ego – the ego causes people to define their own “absolute” truth – perversion of the father and the mother – some people judge Jesus as being unloving when he does not live up to their ego-based standard – do you resonate with true love? – being loving in a human way will not get you to heaven – judgment stands till whereas divine love seeks to transform – talk versus walk – denial of dark forces springs from fear, not love – at some point, you can make no further progress without overcoming dark forces – overcoming your pact with the devil – if you don’t seek Christhood, the devil will leave you alone – when your seek to rise to a new level, you will be challenged – Jesus will give you understanding, but you need to supply the will to overcome the ego –

Question: Dear Jesus, Why is it that there is so much focus on the Devil, which I choose not to believe in, and on dark forces on this website? Why not bring the message of focusing on the light, the love and joy? We certainly could use more of that! I have read much channeled material from many “New Age” books and tapes that want to focus on the light and positive energy, the information given rarely talks about “negative energy”. Why is that? I thought whatever you focus your attention on you create, so if we read about dark energies, wont we create this in our lives ? Ever since I have been visiting this website, I have sensed negative spirits hanging around me, did I create this by reading about it on this website or is it what you say that it is dark energies trying to keep me from GOD. Perhaps I’m naive in thinking everything is hunky dory over here? The information on this website is different from what I have read from the “New Age” books and tapes, it has thrown me for a loop. That’s all I’ve got to say for now. Thank you God for this information even if my ego doesn’t like it.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Being willing to let a spiritual teaching “throw you for a loop” is an essential character trait of a true spiritual seeker. Being willing to ask for clarification – instead of outright rejecting what conflicts your existing beliefs – is equally essential.

I ask you to begin by considering that this is a very large and very complex website. Many people would disagree with your assessment that the focus is on the devil and dark forces. Some of them would say that the focus is on bringing light and love. So consider why you look at this website and see a focus on dark forces? As a true spiritual seeker, you should consider that everything you encounter carries a potential message and an opportunity to learn. So it was not a coincidence that you found this website at this point in time. Could it be because you are at the point on your personal path, where you need to deal with dark forces in order to rise above their influence over your life?

You see, spiritual growth is all about rising above human illusions. So whether the devil is real or not, it is inescapable for a true spiritual seeker that you deal with the concept of a devil. You need to get to a point of resolution where even the concept has no hold on your mind. And by running away from or ignoring the concept of a devil, you will not free yourself from it. You will only remain trapped in whatever concept of the devil you hold in your mind—even if you hold the concept that the devil does not exist. Only when the mental concept is replaced by inner knowledge, will you have risen above all illusions.

From my perspective, the focus on this website is on personal Christhood. And in order to manifest personal Christhood, it is inevitable that you must deal with dark forces. If you do not deal with them, you cannot overcome the dualistic lies that give them power over your mind. And thus, you cannot reach the stage where you can say, “The prince of this world cometh and has nothing in me!” And, quite frankly, if the prince of this world – meaning the consciousness of duality, the consciousness of anti-christ – has something in you, you cannot possibly manifest your Christhood.

You say, “Ever since I have been visiting this website, I have sensed negative spirits hanging around me, did I create this by reading about it on this website.” Have you considered the possibility that dark forces have always been “hanging around you” but that you simply were not aware of this before you found this website? It was not long ago that scientists discovered bacteria and realized they could cause disease. Did scientists create bacteria through their discovery, or have they always been around?

The brutal fact is that 99% of the people on this planet are negatively affected by dark forces. The saying that “what you don’t know can’t hurt you” did not come from the ascended masters, so guess who inspired it? As the discovery of bacteria proves, what you don’t know about can indeed hurt you. And thus you face the choice of whether you will continue to allow your spiritual growth to be limited by dark forces or whether you will “take the devil by the horns” and raise yourself above the influence of dark forces.

You say, “whatever you focus your attention on you create, so if we read about dark energies, wont we create this in our lives?” This is an understandable question, but on this website I am not asking you to focus on dark forces and give them energy. I am asking you to be aware of how they influence you, so that you can free yourself from them. You know bacteria exist, but you are not allowing this knowledge to consume your life. You simply take the necessary precautions to avoid an infection and live happily in the knowledge that bacteria cannot harm you when you are protected.

I am quite aware that many New Age teachings focus on bringing, light, love and joy. Let me make it very clear that the ascended masters consider New Age people among our best potential for bringing about a large-scale spiritual awakening on this planet. The reason is that most of these people are open to the need to bring forth new spiritual teachings in this age, which unfortunately is not the case for most Christians. However, it is a fact that currently the potential of the New Age movement is just that; a potential rather than a reality, as I explain elsewhere. One of the main reasons is that too many New Age people refuse to do the “dirty work” and only want to deal with what is pleasant, comfortable and easy.

A young child naturally plays in the dirt and then sticks its fingers in its mouth. As a responsible adult, you try to discourage this because you know about harmful bacteria that can make the child sick or even kill it. Small children are not able to understand the concept of bacteria, so adults use other methods to prevent a child from sticking its fingers in the mouth. These methods can limit the natural development of the child and instill various forms of fear. Would a person with a typical New Age attitude say that we should not curb the child’s tendency to play but should simply let them eat dirt, and if it kills them, that is just part of life? This, of course, would not be a responsible reaction.

It is completely unfathomable to me that people can live in today’s world and look at the atrocities committed by human beings and at the same time deny the existence of dark forces and the fact that they can influence, even possess, human beings. How can you possibly look at child molesters and serial killers and think that a benevolent God created people with the propensity to commit such acts? How can you possibly believe that if we ignore evil and focus on light and love, people will one day wake up and be perfect? Why do you think I challenged the powers that be, including casting out evil spirits, instead of telling my disciples to just love everybody?

What I did tell my disciples to do was to respond to every situation with love—meaning divine love. I demonstrated what divine love means, but unfortunately many people in the New Age community have not understood the nature of divine love. They have created a graven image, a golden calf, of what they want love to be like, yet what they dance around is a form of human love that is always gentle and thus never challenges any imperfections, including dark forces and people’s egos. The simple fact is that if you are not willing to look for the beam in your own eye – to challenge your own ego – you don’t want anyone else to do so either. Thus, you create the standard that a true spiritual leader should be “loving” and never challenge anyone’s ego. Yet if a spiritual teacher is not challenging your ego, how can he help you overcome that ego?

Divine love is the basic force of creation, and thus it is the most powerful force of the universe. Divine love is what gave your Creator the drive to create, because it impelled the Creator to become more through creating you. Thus, the very nature of divine love is that it wants everything to become more; it never wants to leave anyone or anything in an imperfect or limited state. Thus, if you are not willing to challenge dark forces, people’s egos or the imperfections in human society, you are not centered in divine love. How can the Golden Age – that many New Age people correctly envision – possibly be manifest unless we first clean up the mess on this planet? And how can we clean up the mess until a critical mass of people decide that there are certain things they simply will not tolerate on this planet, as I explain elsewhere?

The brutal fact is that many people in the New Age community are not fulfilling their true potential to be a positive force for change on this planet. And the reason is that they have not risen above the very same state of consciousness in which so many orthodox and fundamentalist Christians are trapped, namely the tendency to judge everything based on a human, dualistic, fear-based standard.

I constantly see Christians who find this website, but as soon as they see me talking about anything beyond the Bible – or their interpretation of the Bible – they say I could not possibly be the real Jesus. I constantly see New Age people who find this website, but as soon as they see me being challenging or talking about anything beyond their image of love, they say that I could not possibly be the real Jesus. The reactions of these two groups of people are essentially the same, only from opposite directions. Allow me to explain.

The essential message of this website is that the vast majority of human beings are trapped in the duality consciousness, the consciousness of anti-christ. This consciousness is based on a sense of separation from God, which creates a basic duality that makes people believe God is not where they are. As I explain elsewhere, the duality is defined by two relative opposites, such as good and evil. The problem here is that the duality consciousness comes up with its own definitions of good and evil, and both definitions are out of alignment with the reality of God, which you can know only through the Christ consciousness. The Christ consciousness is the ”only begotten son of the father” because it is the consciousness of being one with God and God’s truth.

The effect of the duality consciousness is the creation of the human ego, which, by its very nature, judges everything according to a dualistic standard, a standard that is based on the “things of this world” rather than the truth of Christ. That is why religious people can believe it is justified in the eyes of God to kill those who oppose their (only true) religion. Quite frankly, if you have not seen or if you deny this tendency for people to define “truth” to suit their ego-needs, you have not seriously started walking the spiritual path.

As Mother Mary explains, everything is created by the expanding force of the Father and the contracting force of the Mother. My point is that the fundamentalist Christians have taken the tendency to judge into one extreme, namely a perversion of the Father. They say that anything which is not in compliance with a literal interpretation of the Bible is of the devil and they see it as their duty to eradicate it. This is what caused the crusades, the inquisition and other atrocities perpetrated by those who claim to be my followers but have not been willing to embody my teachings.

Many New Age people have taken the tendency to judge into the opposite extreme by perverting the Mother. They have created a false image of love as being gentle and never challenging anything, including, of course, their own egos. They believe that as long as they never challenge any imperfections, and in fact ignore anything not positive or pleasant, they will be saved and they will raise the planet. Likewise, the Christians believe that as long as they ignore or run away from the devil, they will be saved and bring the kingdom of God to earth.

I trust the more perceptive seekers can see that this is essentially the same reaction taken into the two relative extremes defined by the duality consciousness. Whether you say everything not in the Bible is of the devil or say there is no devil, you are refusing to reach for the mind of Christ that will empower you to discern between Christ truth and dualistic lies. My point is that many New Age people think that because they are always being gentle, they are not being as judgmental as fundamentalist Christians. Yet the New Age people are just as judgmental, they have simply adopted a different standard, namely human love, as the standard by which they judge everyone and everything.

So when they come across this website, and run into my fiery divine love – that will not let anyone stay trapped in their illusions – they immediately judge me, my words and my vibration. If I do not live up to their standard of being “loving,” I cannot be the real Jesus and they “don’t sense the love” or think this cannot be a divinely inspired message. Well, you don’t sense the divine love because you have allowed the flame of divine love in your heart to be replaced by a golden calf of human love. There is nothing in you that resonates with my divine love, and thus I cannot reach you as I could not reach the scribes and Pharisees. They too thought they knew everything but they had only intellectual knowledge and “had no truth in them.”

There are indeed many people in the New Age field who have studied a variety of teachings. They have understood much on an intellectual level, and they have adopted an attitude of being “loving” toward everyone. Therefore, they can come across as being very knowledgeable and very loving, so how could they possibly be wrong? Well, my friend, there were many Jews who reasoned the same way 2,000 years ago when I challenged the scribes, the Pharisees and other hypocrites who believed they knew everything yet had not been willing to look at the beam in their own eyes and challenge their egos.

These people were doing everything right according to the outer religion, as many New Age people today are doing everything right according to their own, dualistic, standard. Yet if you look behind the surface, you will see the subtle judgment of anyone or anything that does not live up to their standard. You will see the rigidity of the mind and the unwillingness to admit that their beliefs are not infallible. This simply is “the way that seemeth right unto a man, but the ends thereof are the ways of death” (Proverbs 14:12).

Why is it the way of death? Because death is still stand, whereas life – love – is a process of never-ending self-transcendence. Divine love never judges—but it always seeks to transform. Judgment seeks to impose a dualistic image upon others, even seeking to make the entire universe live up to a dualistic image. Once the judgment is passed, the person is often unwilling to reconsider and revise the judgment—as is evidenced by the people who reject this website on the first occurrence of a statement with which they disagree. In contrast, divine love never holds any fixed image of anyone. It sees only the vision of Christ and it sees everything and everyone in a process of constant self-transcendence. Thus, both fundamentalist Christians – who will not transcend their interpretation of the Bible – and New Age people – who will not transcend their image of love – are trapped in the consciousness of death.

Take note that the spiritual path is a vertical process. Some people think they can climb it by acquiring outer, intellectual, horizontal knowledge, but it is not so. If you talk the talk without walking the walk, you are getting nowhere, even though you may manage to convince yourself and others that you are very advanced—according to your own, dualistic standard.

Let me be completely frank with you. There are people who do not need to concern themselves with dark forces. There can be two main reasons for this:

  • One is that they are still at the lower stages of the spiritual path. Therefore, they have not yet reached the level where they need to confront dark forces. This does not mean that they are not influenced by such forces, it means that they are not yet strong enough to tackle them.
  • The other possibility is that people have risen above the stage of being influenced by dark forces. Yet anyone who has truly risen to that level, will never deny the existence of dark forces nor the need for spiritual seekers to rise above them.

People who deny that dark forces exist or tell everyone they don’t have to deal with them, demonstrate that they have not truly overcome dark forces. They are either operating from ignorance or they are deliberately seeking to deceive people.

The simple fact is that the best weapon in the devil’s toolkit is ignorance. If you don’t know about or accept the existence of dark forces, it is as difficult to escape their influence as it is to avoid infectious diseases when you don’t know about bacteria. Deliberately ignoring something is a fear-based reaction that springs from the fear that you cannot protect yourself from a danger. Yet what we do on our websites is to give people the understanding and the practical tools they need in order to protect themselves from dark forces—until they have overcome the dualistic beliefs that make them vulnerable to dark forces. Thus, if you are willing to acquire the understanding and willing to use the tools, you can recognize the existence of dark forces without fear.

The basic fact is that there will come a point on your spiritual path where you can make no further progress until you overcome the dark forces – meaning the dark spirits without and the ego within – that are seeking to prevent you from manifesting Christhood. The brutal fact is – and this is why I have chosen to answer this question at this time – that the human ego is based on a pact with the devil, with the duality consciousness. And in order for you to rise to the higher stages of the spiritual path – and manifest your Christhood – you have to consciously and deliberately break your personal pact with the devil. Take note that you cannot “consciously and deliberately” break this pact as long as you ignore or deny the existence of the devil. He loves nothing more than people who choose not to believe in him, because they automatically deny their potential to rise above the consciousness of anti-christ (which is the true meaning of the devil) and manifest Christhood.

Many spiritual and religious people on this planet think they are doing all the right things, but they have actually put their spiritual growth on hold because they have made a pact with the devil. Obviously, these people do not consciously realize that they have made such a pact, and many of them made that pact many lifetimes ago. Nevertheless, the brutal fact is that they have made the pact that if they do not rise beyond a certain level of the path – if they do not truly manifest their Christhood (by challenging their own egos) or express that Christhood (by challenging the consciousness of anti-christ wherever it is found) – the devil and all dark forces will leave them alone. And truly, when you do not seek to become the Christ, the devil will leave you alone because you are no threat to him or his control over planet earth. You can thus focus on bringing light and love, making yourself believe you are a truly spiritual person without realizing that your spirituality is contained in a very small box.

This is the real reason so many people – both fundamentalist Christians and New Age people – feel they are not bothered by dark forces. It is a false sense of security that keeps them trapped in a small box that gives the devil control over their lives. And this is the real reason you will “attract” such forces when you try to go beyond the boundaries defined in your pact with the devil. As soon as you try to break out of the cage defined by this pact, the dark forces will rush in to challenge you in any way they can. This can be through fear or it can be through the very subtle deception of making you accept a false image of love. These forces will use any means possible to prevent you from stepping out of the mold and reaching for your Christhood—the prince of this world will use whatever he has in you.

The key to overcoming them is to realize that they have no power over you except what you give them through your free will. Yet to overcome dark forces, you must use your free will consciously. Many people have given away their power to make conscious choices by ignoring the existence of dark forces and their own egos. This only keeps you trapped behind a veil of illusions, and you will not break free of it until you take back your conscious will and start making enlightened choices, choices based on the discernment of the Christ mind that separates the lie from the truth.

Unfortunately, many people refuse to do this and cling to a man-made (or even a devil-made) definition of truth, be it a literal interpretation of the Bible or a New Age definition of love. This is worshiping a graven image, and although it might make you feel good and make you believe you are saved, it will do nothing to raise you above the dualistic illusions. And escaping these illusions is the only road to salvation, a higher state of consciousness, enlightenment, or whatever you want to call it.

You need both understanding and a firm will to overcome your ego and the external forces seeking to keep you trapped. I will provide you with the understanding on this website, but you need to supply the will power. I am not in the business of making choices for you—I leave that to the devil who will gladly take over your free will, even without you knowing what is happening.

My point for this long discourse is simple. I make no excuse whatsoever for the fact that I talk about many things on this website that are challenging to both traditional Christians and New Age people. It is my goal to assist anyone who is ready to move on to the higher stages of the spiritual path by giving people the understanding and the tools they need. This website is not for those who want to remain in whatever illusion makes them feel comfortable. This website is for those who are willing to break the pact their egos have made with the devil and reach for the Christ consciousness—thereby taking the only true way out of the dualistic illusions that spring from the consciousness of anti-christ.

When I walked the earth 2,000 years ago I said, “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it” (Matthew 7:13-14). Today, I am here to make sure that anyone who is willing to look beyond duality can find the “strait and narrow” way that leads to Christ consciousness.

I have already shown you the beginning stages of that path on my website and will continue to reveal more of it. Yet your job is to realize that I cannot take you beyond the prison of the ego without challenging both the illusions of the ego and the lies of the devil that keep you in that prison. If you are not willing to let me challenge your beliefs, you have a right to stay where your ego is comfortable (because it knows it has you under control).

Yet consider one of the laws that guide spiritual growth: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” The fact that you have found this website means that you are ready to make use of what it offers and take yourself to an entirely new level of the spiritual path. The only question is whether your outer mind is willing to acknowledge the inner reality and act accordingly. Thus, I consider that all who read this message seriously consider what pact their egos have made with the devil. Ask myself or your Christ self to reveal that pact to you and then make the effort to break it once and for all.

For other teachings on dark forces and whether the devil exists, see this section.


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