Ascension as the raising of people’s consciousness

TOPICS: Impossible for all people to ascend in near future – people at many different levels of consciousness – one person attaining Christhood can pull up everyone else –

Question: What would you say about total (all people) ascending in this year or during some several years? How real is such a situation?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

That depends on how you define ascension. Traditionally, esoteric teachings define the ascension as a process whereby a lifestream takes its permanent leave from the material universe. The lifestream has fulfilled all requirements, including the balancing of its karma and the attainment of personal Christhood, so it has no need to return through the process of reincarnation.

If we are talking about this actual ascension, then the scenario you describe is not only unlikely, but impossible. When you look at planet earth today, you can see that people are in many different states of consciousness. Billions of people on this planet are in a state of consciousness that makes it impossible for them to qualify for their ascension within the near future.

However, you could use a broader definition of ascension as the raising of people’s consciousness. This type of ascension is an ongoing process which has been occurring for a long time. You might recall that the scriptures quote me as saying that if I be lifted up, I would draw all men onto me. This statement reflects the fact that if one person raises his or her consciousness and attains Christhood, it will create a gravitational pull on the minds of all people on earth.

Throughout the ages, many people have been sincerely striving to attain a higher state of consciousness, and this has indeed helped raise the consciousness of all people on this planet. I hope that this process can be greatly accelerated in the next few decades by millions of people making a sincere effort to put on their personal Christhood. Thereby, this planet would see many changes and many blessings. However, I can assure you that there will be people in physical embodiment for very long time to come.


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