Ascended masters interact with each other in an entirely different way than people on earth

Question: This is a question about the spiritual realms. Are their conjugal partnerships in heaven, in the spiritual realms? Do the Ascended Masters enter into marital relations? Do they create families or are they internally connected only with their twin flames without the right to choose another partner in life? Is there a romantic side of love or is it possible only in an unascended sphere? How strong are marriage unions among the Ascended Masters or is there no permanent relationship given the specifics of their forms and types of service?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Kazakhstan in 2018

The question is asked from the consciousness you have while you are in embodiment on a dense matter planet. It is understandable, there is no blame here. But describing the relationships we have as Ascended Masters simply is not constructive because you would not be able to grasp it with your current level of consciousness. As an example we can say that there are no marriages in the ascended realm. What kind of authority or church would we need to go to in order to have a relationship sanctified? We do not have physical bodies. We do not have physical sex. We do not have the kind of romance you have here. We interact with each other in an entirely different way.

It is as this messenger said yesterday: in order to explain the condition you would have to invent another vocabulary but to those who are still in embodiment that vocabulary would be meaningless and to those of us in the ascended realm we wouldn’t need the vocabulary as we are experiencing the conditions. I can say that nothing is permanent in the ascended realm, everything is constantly evolving. So the best answer I can give you is ‘come on up here and see for yourself”. We have actually given the teaching before that we do not have an equivalent of physical sex but we practice a kind of union that is more pleasurable and enjoyable even though those are terms that we not do not apply to what we experience than what you can have on earth.

I will also say that we are not in the ascended realm tied to having relationships only with our twin flames, we interact in a more free manner. However what I want to say is this: the experience we have in the ascended realm – I am not giving you the impression that it is necessarily better than what you experience on earth. What you experience on earth is a specific type of experience that you cannot have in the ascended realm because it is not as dense.

So the point I want to make is, as long as you are on earth, focus on enjoying the experiences you can have in a physical body on a dense matter planet. Do not be so concerned about how it is in the ascended realm because you will experience that when you are here. So focus on where you are at, be satisfied with where you are at, be at peace with where you are at and make the best use of the time you have while you are on earth instead of worrying about or being concerned about or focusing on what it is like in the ascended realm.


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