Ascended master students and poverty

Question: Mother Mary has said that as ascended master students, our focus is not on the material world. And it would seem that financially speaking many of us have to muddle through and do the best we can. But if in spite of our best efforts we find ourselves falling into poverty, or having fallen into poverty, what do we do then?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

A question that cannot be answered in general because it is very individual. It depends of course on where you live, what kind of society you live in, and what opportunities you have in that society. I’m well aware that there are many nations in the world where there are ascended master students and because of the conditions in those nations, it can be very difficult to rise out of poverty, at least without focusing so much on making money that it eats up your time and attention.

So, in some cases, there are students who should accept a certain lifestyle that is not particularly affluent and focus on their spiritual growth. But in other cases, there are many students who could benefit from making a certain push to get up to a higher standard of living, that would actually give them more freedom to pursue their spiritual goals. If you live in a more affluent nation, then it should be possible for you to find some way where your material standard of living is not a hindrance to your spiritual growth.  You need to recognize that there are many, many spiritual students, not just ascended master students, but many spiritual people, even religious people who have a certain negative attitude towards material affluence. They feel perhaps that money is the root of all evil as they have heard so many times. Or that as a spiritual person, you shouldn’t be doing something to make money. So there’s a resistance to it. And that has kept many spiritual people at a lower level of affluence than they actually need to be at.

So, you need to make an individual evaluation and in many cases, you will actually be able to see that you have a separate self that is resisting affluence, material affluence. If you get rid of that self, if you discover what is the belief behind it, then you will find that it will become easier for you to manifest affluence without having to compromise your spiritual goals and ideas. Many, many times you can have grown up in a certain family situation, a certain cultural situation, a certain town perhaps, where the collective consciousness is such that there’s only a certain way to make money and you have a certain attitude towards making money. This can be a limit for you. And if you can break free of that, perhaps even move to another environment, then you can rise to a higher level of affluence, where it is not detracting from your spiritual goals. It is really a matter of what is in your individual divine plan. It’s true that you shouldn’t go to the extreme of focusing all of your attention and energy on making money. But on the other hand, you shouldn’t be so poor that this eats up all your time and attention, because it’s distressing to you that you don’t have what you need. So you should find that balance. And if you overcome those selves that are pulling you out of balance when it relates to money, you will find that opportunities will open up whereby you can manifest the material abundance you need so that your material abundance actually supports your spiritual growth and the unfoldment your divine plan. And that should be the goal for spiritual people.



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