Appropriate reading material for correct spirituality

TOPICS: Your consciousness like a stream – incorrect beliefs are like rocks in the stream – transform energy and see through erroneous beliefs – ask and you shall receive – seek with an open mind – you will be guided from within – do not seek to avoid all false ideas –

Question: Since I am not now completely confident in the water-downed and greatly distorted Christian Bible of today, what would be more appropriate reading material for correct spirituality? I have the Nag Hamadhi Library and have ordered three gnostic books from the public library. Also are there any Buddhist, Hindu, Confucian, and Taoist written sources that would be advised to read?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The most important realization you can come to about the spiritual path is that it is a highly individual process. Each human being is a unique individual. Each human being has fallen into a lower state of consciousness and has therefore moved away from oneness with the Christ self.

In the book Save Yourself I use the illustration that the consciousness of a human being is like a stream, a stream of energy and insights that flow from the Christ self to the conscious mind. As the lifestream descends into the lower state of consciousness, it inevitably begins to accept certain erroneous or incomplete beliefs. These can be likened to throwing rocks into the stream. When you throw rocks into a stream, mud and silt begins to accumulate behind the rock, and it gradually fills up to stream.

What has happened to most lifestreams is that during their many lifetimes they have accepted a number of erroneous beliefs, which has caused them to generate toxic or imperfect energies in their subconscious minds. The beliefs are like the rocks and the misqualified energy is like the silt that accumulates behind the rocks. This has literally dammed up the stream of consciousness that flows from the Christ self so that the person no longer has a clear connection to that Christ self.

The spiritual path can be seen as a process whereby the lifestream must overcome its imperfect beliefs and transform the toxic energies, thereby clearing the stream of consciousness. You can transform the energies by using spiritual techniques, such as the many tools we have given.

The essential part of the spiritual path is that you overcome your false beliefs, and that can be done by accepting a higher understanding that replaces an incorrect belief. One of the primary tools for acquiring this higher understanding is to study spiritual teachings.

Because each person is a unique individual, you cannot give general guidelines for which spiritual teachings should be studied by a particular person. You need to find the spiritual teachings that will help you resolve your particular blocks or false beliefs. I can assure you that the sayings “Seek and ye shall find” and “Ask and you shall receive” are true promises.

The reason so many people seek without finding is that they seek with a closed mind. The basic dynamic is that the lower state of consciousness causes people to cling to their existing beliefs because these beliefs give them a sense of comfortability, security or even identity. The essential ingredient on the spiritual path is that must be willing to give up some of this sense of security in order to attain true spiritual growth. Therefore, a true spiritual seeker is always willing to look beyond his or her existing beliefs, even if it causes some insecurity and discomfort. In other words, a true seeker always chooses growth over comfortability.

If you keep this dynamic in mind, you will be able to seek with an open mind and heart, and when you do, I can assure you that your Christ self will direct you towards the spiritual teachings that you need at the moment.

Please do not fall into the trap of becoming rigid and thinking that you have to study a specific spiritual teaching (including this website) for the rest of your life. Your current subconscious beliefs were built up over many lifetimes. Therefore, you might need to study a variety of spiritual teachings in order to find the particular ideas that will help you resolve your erroneous beliefs. So I strongly encourage people to always remain open to directions from within.

After you open your mind, you will be amazed at how you will suddenly come across a new book or idea that seems to pull on you in some way. When you learn to recognize this inner direction, this gentle tap on your mind, you will be able to instantly pick up the new teaching and find the particular idea that you need. In some cases, you might need one particular idea in a book that has hundreds of pages. If you are truly attuned to your Christ self, you might be able to flip the book open to the particular page that you need to read. Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with reading a long book in order to find one particular idea that helps you move to a higher level on your path.

I would recommend that you start with the teachings on this website and with the books that I have released through this messenger. However, do not confine your studies to these sources. There is also a value in studying many of the old religions because a religion does not survive for long unless it has timeless and universal elements. I recommend that all spiritual seekers have a basic familiarity with the concepts presented by Taoism because they do explain the basic polarity of God.

However, once again do not become rigid. Allow your Christ self to show you the next step on your path, and you will make the swiftest possible progress. In other words, do not follow your outer mind—follow your heart.

Also be aware that what you are truly doing is building Christ discernment, which allows you to discern between ideas that are based on the Christ mind and those based on the mind of anti-christ. Most people have already absorbed many ideas from the mind of anti-christ, and you need to learn to see through them. For that purpose, it might be necessary for you to read certain books that contain false ideas, so you come to identify them.

What I am saying is that at the beginning stages, you will want to avoid books that contain false ideas, but as you increase your discernment, you might actually be directed to them, precisely so you can learn to expose the false ideas. Thus, be not overly concerned about what is “correct spirituality.” You need to read the books that will help you see through the false ideas you have accepted in this or previous lifetimes. And your Christ self knows exactly where to direct you.


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