Anders Breivik and the massacre in Norway

TOPICS: Norway in a dream world – what does the reaction say about the collective consciousness – open to the world on our terms – Norway’s present karma – extremism is seeing other people as opponents – terrorists see violence as a validation of their cause – Scandinavian countries have failed to take care of people’s spiritual needs – ascended masters sponsor Scandinavian countries – forerunners for progress in developing countries – give young people a true mission in life – if a rich country does not help others, it becomes a closed system – leads people to become self-absorbed – Anders Breivik completely self-absorbed – Breivik more self-absorbed than the average – replace military service with humanitarian service – how could Norway help the E.U. – socialist philosophy outdated – if the guru be a princess – how big of a shock does it take to wake you up? –

Question 1: It would be helpful for us if the Masters could share their insight on this heart-shattering deeds done by one evil-filled person..and likewise the wonderful uplifting massive coming together in love and hope that we have seen here in Norway the last days now.

Question 2: Is the Norway shooting the dying spasms of the entities behind Nazi ideology? I say that because during WWII the Nazis ruled a nation and were invading countries. In comparison this act of terrorism however heinous is on a much smaller scale. I find it ironic that he was against radical Islam since he is acting like a terrorist. How is all this Norway’s and Scandinavia’s karma? Like most people I found the whole thing really shocking and I wonder what this is trying to teach us, but I can find no answers.  regards.

 Question 3: Can you please comment on the latest massacre in Oslo. How come that 32 year old, very nice, well educated, blond ethnic Norwegian, Anders Behring Breivik, with no single emotion killed at least 76 people while freely walking over Utoeya island during 1.5 hours, and listening to the music from the Lord of the Rings movie. He confessed that he did it ‘being obsessed with Islamization of Europe’. Why he didn’t kill then the muslims whom he believe are the enemies, but his own people, the young ‘golden’ elite of this richest and prosperous country in northern Europe. Interestingly soon after the attack, many news sources immediately blamed Al Qaeda and muslim terrorists without even getting any piece of reliable information. Soon after they had to accept the opposite but never called Mr. Breivik a terrorist. Isn’t it a demonstration that the so-called ‘civilized world of Europe’ is used to perceive all muslims as terrorists, but they hardly accept that such horrible things can happen in their own countries.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels (July 27, 2011).

I am in no way insensitive to the shock of the Norwegian people. Yet it must be said that there are countries, where dozens of people are killed by extremists almost every day. So it must be recognized that the shock of the Norwegian people – while fully understandable – is also a reaction from a country that has been living in somewhat of a isolated sphere, a sense of innocence bordering on naiveté. It is a bit of a dream world, and that is why this incident has been such a rude awakening.

The real question that needs to be asked here is how Norway can move away from living in an isolated world? In other words, the golden question is: “What does the Norwegian reaction to this incident say about the collective consciousness?”

After all, Norway is taking pride in its efforts to become an open society. Yet is there not a disconnect between the desire to be an open society and the desire to maintain the historical mental isolation of Norway? It is – as also seen in neighboring Sweden, in Finland and to a slightly lesser degree in Denmark – a desire to be open to the world, but on our terms.

We want to be open to the world by having the rest of the world accept our values and world view. And that simply is not realistic, and neither is it the highest potential of the Scandinavian countries. Yet for that higher potential to be manifest, all Scandinavian countries need to gain a greater measure of Christ discernment.

To that end, let me talk about karma. The bombing and shooting is not a result of Norway’s past karma; it is the result of Norway’s present karma. This karma is on two levels.

The obvious one it that Norway has sent troops to Afghanistan. Thereby, Norway has deviated from its traditional non-violent approach, and it has allowed itself to be pulled into the dualistic struggle—instead of seeking to offer an alternative to the struggle, as exemplified in the Nobel Peace Price (which, by the way, should not have been given to the U.S. President at this time).

There is a great opportunity to learn from this incident, if Norwegians are willing to ask how and why they allowed themselves to be pulled into seeking to fight extremism with force. And this is precisely an outcome of Norway’s misguided attempt to become an open and tolerant society.

There is nothing wrong with striving for openness and tolerance, yet this must be done based on Christ discernment—and not based on a humanistic ideal that is the opposite of isolation and intolerance. When you do not have Christ discernment, you see everything through the filter of dualistic opposites.

And that is why Norway thought that as an expression of its commitment to openness and tolerance, it had to engage itself in the fight against extremism. And Afghanistan seemed far enough away that Norwegians could believe this did not contradict their traditional ideals of non-violence.

Yet do you see the flaw here? What is extremism? It does not matter whether it is right-wing, left-wing, islamist or any other form of extremism. When you strip away the outer expressions, you see that the core of extremism is the dualistic mindset, which simply can only function when it has an opponent to struggle against. Extremists actually love being opposed.

So can you see the problem? If you allow yourself to think that you have to fight extremism through force, you are giving the extremists exactly what they want: opposition. By forcefully opposing extremists, you actually validate their cause and give them justification for continuing and intensifying the struggle. Consider what the Taliban thought about this far-away and traditionally pacifist country of Norway sending troops to oppose them in Afghanistan. They thought it was the ultimate validation of their cause and how big of a threat they had become to the West.

As I said a while ago, “Do unto others what you want them to do unto you.” Which truly means that what you do to others, the cosmic mirror will reflect back to you. So by forcefully opposing Islamic extremists in Afghanistan, Norway made itself a target for the consciousness of extremism. Which is why a home-grown extremist began to see his own government and some of this own countrymen as the enemy.

Norway could easily have been the target of Islamic extremists, and still might be. Yet when a karmic vulnerability is created, it will first break through the weakest link, and in this case it was the self-absorbed mind of Anders Breivik.

So the question is how a traditionally peaceful and tolerant country, such as Norway, could produce an individual with such extremist views? And this brings us to the second aspect of Norway’s karmic vulnerability.

Many people think karma relates to what you do, but the Omega aspect of karma is what you do not do—but which you were in a position to do. So take a look at all Scandinavian countries. For decades, they have been among the richest countries in the world and have had the highest standard of living and public services. Truly, no countries in the world have taken care of the material needs of their citizens as the Scandinavian countries. So how come a person from a Scandinavian country could become so dissatisfied with his own country that he decided to kill so many of his own countrymen?

The answer is that the Scandinavian countries have failed to take care of the spiritual needs of their citizens. I am not thereby saying that the governments should have promoted religion. I am talking about the universal spiritual needs that all people have. And one of the most important of these needs is the need for a sense of purpose that reaches beyond oneself.

For decades, the Scandinavian countries have been in a position to truly help raise the world to a higher level. And while they have indeed given aid to third-world countries, it is nothing compared to what they could have done.

People in Scandinavian countries tend to think they have created their wealth through their own efforts. And truly, they have made great efforts, but the wealth would not have been manifest without a sponsorship from the ascended masters. We sponsored the Scandinavian countries because we saw the potential for the people to do something for the world.

Yet so far, the Scandinavian countries have acted as spoiled children who do not want to share what they have. Truly, our plan for Scandinavia is that they would be the forerunners for bringing true progress to developing countries. Not by seeking to get these countries to accept Scandinavian values, for most countries cannot make the leap from where they are at to where the Scandinavian countries are at. At least they cannot make it in one generation (and neither did the Scandinavian countries make it to this level in one generation).

So the true goal is to make a realistic assessment of where a given country is at in terms of the collective consciousness, and then helping that country take the next step in its own evolution. And this would be a true expression of the openness and tolerance that is one of the characteristics of Scandinavian countries.

More importantly, if the Scandinavian countries had engaged in a – truly selfless – service to the world, they would have inspired their young people to use their privileged upbringing as a foundation for also giving selfless service. And this would have given people the spiritual purpose they need. Which might have prevented a person such as Anders Breivik from defining his own “purpose” and “mission.”

So what I am saying is that when a country gets richer, it is the hope of the ascended masters that this country will start using its wealth in selfless service to the world. When a country has that opportunity yet does not take advantage of it, the country essentially becomes a closed system. And we have talked extensively about what the second law of thermodynamics does in closed systems.

So what you see in many rich countries – not only in Scandinavia – is an increase in self-centeredness, self-absorption and narcissism. The national psyche becomes self-absorbed, which means a country cannot actually open itself up to understanding that people in other countries think very differently. And that is precisely why Norway is not as open of a society as people like to think—Norway is open only on its own terms.

What is happening in the national psyche will also affect individuals. Not all, of course, but the weakest individuals will outplay the currents in the national psyche, and the weaker they are, the more they will take this into the extremes. Anders Breivik is simply an example of a person who was completely self-absorbed. He lived in a dream world, where he thought he could define “truth” or “reality.” And he thought his perception of the world was completely accurate. Which is why he could see it as completely logical to do something that most other people find horrendous.

The normal tendency when confronted with an incident like this is for people to distance themselves from the perpetrator and label him as abnormal. And of course he is abnormal, but he is abnormal only in the sense that he had outplayed the currents in the national psyche to a more extreme degree than most of his countrymen. Yet most Norwegians do indeed reinforce those very currents of self-absorption, and unless this is recognized, Norway will fail to lean its lesson from this event. You simply will not learn YOUR lesson by looking at the splinter in the eye of your brother.

So take a look at Norway specifically. Norway has been especially privileged because of the large amount of oil money that has been added to the economy. Is it not obvious that this has given Norway a unique opportunity to do something selfless for a developing country? Why hasn’t Norway done this? Why hasn’t Norway done away with military service and instead required all young people – men and women – to serve one year in a developing country? If Norway and other Scandinavian countries had done this, the current crisis in Somalia might have been averted.

Well, Norway hasn’t done this because it has always been a geographically isolated country, and that is why it is vulnerable to self-absorption. As an example of this, look at why Norway has not joined the EU. One of the main reasons is that Norwegians feel there is no advantage for them to join the EU. With all the oil money, they don’t need money from EU.

And perhaps there is no advantage for Norway to join the EU. But what if there was an advantage for the EU from Norway joining? Should a well-to-do country continue to consider only its own interests, or should it transition into thinking how it could make a contribution to the world? Do you see the point? I could give many more examples, including from other Scandinavian and European countries or from Canada and the U.S. But if you do not see the point by now, then no amount of examples will suffice.

As a side note, why did the Norwegian Labour party become the target for Anders Breivik? Because it embodies a special version of the national self-absorption. It has not been willing to recognize that its socialist roots are completely outdated in the modern world. It is time to step up to a new level, where it is recognized that in a modern society – especially one which claims to be open and tolerant – one can no longer base a party’s philosophy on the fight between workers and capitalists. It is time to recognize that in a modern society, employers and employees share most interests, and thus one must leave behind outdated ideologies and find true common ground.

The simple fact is this. If you allow yourself to become self-absorbed, then something must shake you out of that state of spiritual paralysis. And the more self-absorbed you are, the more serious of an incident is needed to shake you so hard that you actually take notice. This applies to individuals and it applies to nations.

Norway is still a very privileged – and self-absorbed – country. You will see this by looking honestly at the reaction to this incident. Will this be enough to awaken the Norwegian people, or will more be needed?

As a final note, let me mention that Norway is in an interesting situation, in that a member of the royal family is open to universal spiritual ideas and is being inspired by the ascended masters. So far, this has elicited little but ridicule from the people, the government and the press. But certainly, Norway could benefit much from realizing that princess Martha Louise – while not seeing everything – has seen a path forward for her country. If the guru be a princess, heed her anyway.


Copyright © 2011 by Kim Michaels