American Manifest Destiny and Saint Germain’s vision for America

Question: In their three higher bodies, have a critical mass of Americans moved past the beliefs behind Manifest Destiny especially the beliefs that any non-Christians are not human, are inherently inferior and have no rights? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

I know you all want me to say yes my beloved but I cannot. The proof of this is to look at what brought the person in the White House who is now there. He essentially gave the people a modern version of this idea that America has a right to be a great country and has a right to impose its vision of the world upon the world and upon this country. There are many, many Americans who are still trapped in the belief that America is the greatest country on Earth and as I attempted to explain yesterday, this is not based on a reality check and it causes many, many things in the American psyche, especially you can see it in American foreign policy. You can see how George Bush and the people behind him used this very belief to justify the invasion of Iraq. It was the Manifest Destiny of America to spread freedom and democracy around the globe.

The reality is that there is a large portion of Americans who have moved beyond this but not yet a critical mass. This is certainly something you can make calls on, those of you who are aware of this issue because it is very important to bring forth that critical mass. Of course this is also something that is happening as we are talking about raising the collective consciousness and manifesting a more social awareness and more a sense of oneness because obviously your very idea of Manifest Destiny is not based on the oneness between you and other people.

It is based on a very clear division that because these people are not Christians, they’re not Muslims, they’re not this, and they are not that, you have a right to kill them in order to spread whatever idea you espouse. However the idea of a Manifest Destiny very much ties in with the belief in destiny in general. We have many, many people, not only Christians but certainly many Christians, have a certain belief in there’s a certain destiny that is predetermined and that God has a certain vision for Earth, a certain goal for how Earth should be manifest.

You see this very much in some people’s personal lives where they think that everything is predetermined and that whatever happens to them must be God’s will because otherwise it wouldn’t have happened. You see also in history how people have used this to justify all kinds of aggressive behavior by saying that or believing that God has a goal for what should happen on Earth and unfortunately even though God is supposedly all mighty, He can’t make it happen on Earth without us helping him by killing other people.

This of course is a perversion of St. Germain’s vision and very much something that prevents people from being in alignment with the mind of St. Germain. So make the calls for this but also look at yourselves and look at how as you grew up in America, you have in subtle ways been programmed with this belief and it is almost impossible to grow up in America without taking some of this upon you and if you look honestly at previous dispensations, you will see that they were founded in America, they were based in America and they very much had an American view, world view and quite frankly you could assume if you read the teachings from those dispensations, that the Ascended Masters had the same worldview as the American nation and many Ascended Master students have in fact assumed that that was the case, have never reflected on this.

You recognize, I trust, that we are in charge of raising all people on this planet and we do not think that the only way to accomplish this is to have America conquer the world with force. So what I’m saying is this: make an effort to look at yourself and see if you have been indoctrinated with this belief. If you have somehow taken it on from parents or the media or government and then look at it and recognize that the Ascended Masters want to raise up all people on Earth.

We are not making a sharp distinction between Americans and non Americans and we are not making a sharp distinction between those we’re willing to help and those we are not willing to help. That is why we are not presenting these teachings as being the exclusive truth or the only truth or the absolute truth because the reality is that we are not only seeking to raise the planet through these teachings and this messenger, we are working with many, many people at many different levels of consciousness in many different capacities, basically anyone who is open to improving their personal lives or improving life on this planet. We are seeking to work with them to the best of their ability to tune in and that of course applies to each and every one of you.


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