Letting your ego trick you into rejecting the teaching that can set you free from the ego

TOPICS: A teaching is meant to help you go beyond the teaching - idolatry versus rejecting all authority - reaching for the source of the teaching - doubts are projections from dark forces - use your resistance to discover your attachments - the ego accuses others of the faults it does not see in itself - if the ego takes pride in not being judgmental, it will be very judgmental of those it sees as judgmental - do not let your ego trick you into rejecting a teaching that can set you free from the ego -


Question: How should mature spiritual seekers respond when they find teachings on this website that challenge their existing beliefs and with which they disagree? I often find that the friends to whom I show the website pick out one little detail they don’t like and use it to reject the entire site. Can you please comment on that? 


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Let me attempt to make it very clear that my remarks here should NOT be misconstrued as meaning that people should uncritically accept what is presented on this and the other websites, taking every word as an infallible gospel. As I have attempted to explain, the purpose of any true teaching is to give the student a stepping stone for reaching beyond the outer teaching to the Spirit of Truth – the ascended masters – from which the teaching came. The teaching is a lifeline that is meant to guide you to the source of the teaching.

My point being that you should always strive to go beyond the outer words of the teaching and reach for an inner understanding that takes you higher than the teaching. The responsibility of a messenger is to bring forth a teaching that is as pure as possible. The responsibility of a student is to reach beyond the outer teaching, thereby transcending any impurities in the teaching. As long as you connect to the source, any imperfections in the teaching are not important. And if you do not reach for the source, even a perfect teaching – if such a thing existed – would not guarantee your salvation.

The potential pitfall is – as always – the ego’s two extremes:

  • Students in black-and-white thinking will have idolatry of the messenger and the teaching, thinking it is the highest teaching and always correct. Thus they should never dare to think beyond what is stated in the teaching. 
  • Students who are still affected by gray thinking will say no teaching has any particular authority. Thus, they will come up with their own interpretation of the teaching, so that it seems to say what they want to hear.

The way out is to realize what I just said above. You must use the teaching only as a stepping stone for reaching for the source of the teaching. The ascended masters are above both black-and-white and gray thinking. So unless you are willing to look beyond your current state of consciousness, you simply cannot make contact with us. You will remain stuck at your current level of consciousness, using your interpretation of the outer teaching to justify not reaching higher.

In that respect, let me make a very clear statement. If you find yourself analyzing, judging or criticizing a teaching or the messenger who brings it forth – especially if you find yourself thinking you know better how the teaching should be given – you should immediately see this as a danger signal. You can ALWAYS count on such thoughts to come from your ego and the dark spirits that I described in my comments on another letter, namely the Spoilers. Thus, you should realize that what makes you vulnerable to the energies of the Spoilers is that you have certain dualistic beliefs. And the intensity of your feelings about the teaching is a measure of how strong your attachment is to those beliefs.

The unwise students use the imperfections seen in others (in reality projected upon others by their egos) for not changing themselves. Wise students are always looking for the beam in their own eyes and welcome any opportunity to see it and pull it out. Thus, when a wise student comes across a teaching on this website or in any other spiritual teaching that challenges one of his existing beliefs, he or she considers the question: "Does my resistance to the teaching come from the fact that I am attached to a certain illusion?" If you discover such an attachment, a wise student always brings it out in the open and lets it go. An unwise student finds a flaw in the messenger and the message and uses it as an excuse for ignoring the attachment.

As a wise spiritual student, you should always try to expose your ego, and one of the best ways is to look for inconsistencies and contradictions in your beliefs, statements or actions. The reason being that the ego is always projecting its own viewpoints upon others. Thus, the ego will often be very critical of a supposed fault in other people precisely because it has that fault itself. The ego will accuse others of doing to it what it is already doing to them—and to you.


For example, there are certain spiritual students who have come to focus on a false image of love as always being gentle and kind, and they think they should never challenge any ideas or viewpoints. Yet what they don’t see is that they have become judgmental towards those who are more direct than themselves.

People who are blinded by gray thinking are very vulnerable to this form of judgment. For example, they adopt the attitude that a true spiritual teacher should be loving and tolerant of any human conditions. They truly believe that the only way to be loving is to never challenge people and that any such act is judgmental. Yet what they fail to see is that they themselves are very judgmental of those who do not conform to their definition of what it means to be loving. In other words, many otherwise sincere spiritual seekers think they are being completely loving, yet they are very judgmental toward those they label as being unloving.

This is a clear inconsistency, and a person who is starting to rise above gray thinking should be able to use these teachings to quickly let go of these ego games. Thus, the more mature spiritual seekers should be able to rise above the tendency of letting your ego single out one detail that it doesn’t like and then using it as an excuse for getting you to reject an entire teaching. There truly are teachings our our websites that can help all people become free from their egos. Yet if you allow your ego to trick you into rejecting the teaching, then the teaching obviously cannot set you free. I have seen spiritual people do this ever since I walked the earth 2,000 years ago. As far as the ego is concerned, there truly is nothing new under the sun. The specific arguments used may vary from time to time, but the mechanism is always the same.





Copyright © 2006 by Kim Michaels

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