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Question: Do you know the question I've asked before I send it? I'm guessing you do, so how come you answer questions actually sent to Kim instead of posting answers you know people are wanting answers to?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

This is an interesting question because it gives me the opportunity to comment on the differences in consciousness between an unascended and an ascended being.

Let me first say that there is an important purpose for having people actually submit a question to the website. By doing so, you demonstrate that you are willing to connect to me, Jesus Christ, and that is important because of cosmic law. As explained in my parable of the talents, all people are given certain talents. The talents you receive on this website are the basic teachings that do answer many questions. Yet to get further teachings, you have to be willing to multiply those talents instead of burying them in the ground—of your mind.

That is why I do not have unlimited opportunity to give teachings on this website. I can give basic teachings to get people to think beyond their current image of Christ. Yet I can give further teachings only when people ask. Ask and ye shall receive, so if no one asks, the law will not allow me to give.

I do have the ability to read people’ minds, but I rarely use it. Partly because I respect the Law of Free Will, so I afford people their privacy. And partly because there is no reason for me to know what you are going to ask before you ask it. Until you have asked a question, there is no purpose in me answering it. You see, to me the important point is not the answer but the process that leads you to ask the question.

I am aware that many people think my purpose for sponsoring this website is to give people answers. In reality, my purpose is different. My purpose is to help you find answers from within instead of giving you answers from an outer source. The purpose of this website is to help you discover and connect with the Spirit of Truth that is inside of you so that you can become spiritually self-sufficient instead of relying on an outer source for answers.

There are many people who think that life can be approached mechanically. They think that if only they had all the right answers, they would always do the right thing. This is similar to classical physics, where scientists believed that if only they knew enough about the universe, they could predict everything that was going to happen. If there was something they did not understand, it was simply because they did not have enough factual knowledge. Even thought quantum physics has proven that you can never know everything about the universe, many scientists still believe science will one day know enough to be able to explain everything.

Likewise, many spiritually minded people believe that if only they had enough outer, or intellectual, knowledge about the spiritual side of life, they would automatically attain a higher state of consciousness and enter heaven. The problem here is that entering heaven, being saved or attaining Christ consciousness is not a matter of attaining outer knowledge. This is reflected in my statement:


20 And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:
21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. (Luke, Chapter 17)


The kingdom of God, meaning the Christ consciousness, cannot be known through observation, meaning outer knowledge. It can be known only by going deep within yourself and connecting to the source of truth that is within you. This is your Christ self, your I AM Presence and the ascended masters.

Do you see my point? My purpose for this website is not to give you outer knowledge of everything under the sun. I have no desire to turn the visitors of this website into modern-day scribes and Pharisees who can recite the letter of the outer law, but who have taken away the key of knowledge and have shut up the kingdom of God against men (Matthew 23:13). Those who have the letter of the law, that killeth, but have not the Spirit of the law, that giveth life (2Corinthians 3:6).

Instead, my purpose is to help those who have ears to hear to discover the source of truth within themselves, so they can get their own answers. Yet I also hope to help you see that Christhood isn’t simply a matter of having the outer answers to every question. It is a matter of merging with the source of truth, so that you become one with that source. In other words, you are not simply storing facts in your memory banks, you are rising to a higher level where you realize that the real mysteries of life cannot be confined to mere facts.

The real truth about God cannot be expressed in words. That is why the Ten Commandments tell people not to take unto themselves any graven image. You cannot confine God to a mental box, you cannot confine your Christ self and I AM Presence to a box and you cannot confine truth to a box.

Truth is like a river that always flows. When you take a part of that truth and express it in words that the human mind can comprehend, it is like taking a snapshot of the river. This is acceptable, but only as long as you realize that the real river is not standing still as is the snapshot. Therefore, you must not worship the snapshot and use it as an excuse for no longer searching for the river.

This is the essential problem with all outer religion. The ascended masters give someone a spiritual vision, and the person expresses it in words. Yet most people do not realize that any religion is simply a snapshot of the river of God. So they begin to think that God’s truth is a still photo instead of a living, ever-moving river. And they now begin to worship the snapshot and use it as an excuse for not engaging in the difficult task of always seeking to keep your mind focused on the river. They become lazy and want their minds to remain focused on the still photo instead of being always flexible and willing to move with the river of Living Waters.

So I hope you can see that the teachings on this website are simply snapshots that point to the existence of the river itself. Do not focus too much attention on the snapshots so that you cannot see the river. Do not focus on the trees so you overlook the forest. And most importantly, do not use the snapshots on this website as an excuse for not looking for the river of Living Truth that is flowing inside of you.

To return to your question, one might say that the answer to any question you might ask is already in the river of Living Truth. Yet by consciously formulating the question, you go through an important process of clarifying what you do not know. And the realization that there is something you don’t know becomes the open door through which you can contact the river of truth. The trick is to look beyond the factual answer to your question and realize that it is not nearly as important to get the outer answer as it is to connect to the river of truth. For when you do connect, you might get an answer that goes far beyond your question—if your mind is flexible enough to receive that answer without wanting it to conform to some outer doctrine or expectation.

This is what was truly understood by the Zen masters, and it has been understood by the true masters of every spiritual tradition. I hope some of you will use my teachings on this website to plunge yourself into the river of truth and thereby join the ranks of the true spiritual masters. I am like a child who has jumped into the ocean before his compatriots. I am now calling out to you: “Come on in, the water’s fine!” 





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New vigil program for Russia


There is a new program for Mother Mary's 500 vigil for this Sunday, May 28th.


You can find the program here.




Korea 2017 conference sound files



The sound files with the dictations have now been uploaded to the subscriber's website.

The files are found in a folder named KOREA2017

The files are named in the order the events took place, for example: KOR02_05032017MMary

Some numbers are missing because I have not yet uploaded the files for the Questions & Answers sessions.





The importance of this spring’s conferences


Mother Mary has asked me to convey that the masters consider the three conferences we are holding this spring as being very important. She hopes as many people as possible will make an effort to attend. There is a need for people to make this effort because the masters have relatively few students who can be open doors for the light they want to release. It is not enough that people listen to the dictations later, as it cannot release the same amount of light as being there in person.

The more people come, the more of a multiplication factor there is when we give invocations. It also allows the masters to release more light during dictations, and this means the light can have a greater effect on the collective consciousness. 



The Korean conference is important in terms of making sure the current saber-rattling does not lead to armed conflict. However, even more important is the long-term need to secure the best new government in South Korea that can implement a more open policy towards North Korea, as the masters described last year. Even beyond this, there is much more to Saint Germain’s vision for Korea and Asia.



Because of Brexit and the refugee situation, Europe is facing special challenges in terms of an attempt by dark forces to break up real unity. Saint Germain considers it important to spread a new vision for European unity that goes beyond what has been seen so far and that can take Europe closer to his golden age ideals. We also need to hold a spiritual balance that does not create a rift between EU and Britain bit opens up for close ties in the future.



The masters want to create a new impetus that can help the Russian people rise above the hopelessness and the sense that “nothing will ever change.” This will set the stage for the election next year and (in the long run) that the real changes that are already happening in the higher octaves can begin to break through to the physical octave. Saint Germain also wants to give an impetus for people grasping his golden age vision for Russia.


For more information.

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Two books have been translated into Dutch and are now available as ebooks:


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Why I am not a spiritual Guru



I have posted the transcript of a presentation I gave in 2016 at our conference in Seoul, Korea.





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