How Kim Michaels started as a messenger

Question:  Could you tell us how the gift of your channelling came about? 


Answer from Kim Michaels:


"Yeah, how much time do we have?" (laughter) How did it come about? As a child, I had a very strong intuition. When I was young child, I sensed that there was a  Divine being that was always with me. I didn’t see it as any particular master because I didn’t know anything about masters, but I just knew that there was a Divine, spiritual being that was always there with me. It was a being just like I talked about: LINK it never told me what to do or not to do, it was just there and I knew it was there.

It was not like I saw it, like many people see God where they think God is like Santa Claus that has to do what they want him to do. You pray to God, and then he’s supposed to manifest it. I never saw it that way. In a sense, that feeling never left me. Even as a teenager, where of course I was exposed to all the intellectual, scientific reasoning, it never left me—the awareness and the absolute experience that there is a spiritual reality to life. 

Growing up, my parents were not religious and there was nothing in my society in Denmark that stimulated my spiritual interest. I always had lots of questions but nobody could really answer them. I remember when I was 13, I was going through my confirmation and we had a priest come to our classroom in school. He was supposed to tell us about the Bible and Jesus and I was excited because I thought, surely, the priest must be able to answer some of my questions. But I realised very quickly that he couldn’t. He didn’t answer my questions and it was because he had not thought about these topics. I was very, very surprised because how can you be a priest and not have thought about spiritual questions? He was just satisfied with what the church gave him as answers and he didn’t think about it beyond that.

I was always thinking a lot. When I was 18 I found the book by Paramahansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi. It was very important for me because suddenly I realised that for thousands of years, people had been seeking answers to all these questions. It was very, very helpful to me. At the same time, I also met some people that were involved with Transcendental Meditation. I went into that, and it was helpful to me for a while. They had a teaching that was helpful to me and the meditation was also helpful to me for a while.

But there were still a lot of questions that they couldn’t answer. I felt that I was born in the West and I needed a Western spiritual teacher. It wasn’t so much a matter of East and West, it was more that I realized that I was born in a scientific age and I needed a teaching that talked about science and the scientific way of thinking:  logical, rational, something I could grasp and understand. 

Then I heard about a teaching that was given by the ascended masters and it was in an organisation called the Summit Lighthouse. It was very, very helpful to me and very, very inspiring. What really struck me about the ascended masters was that they are not like a guru who is in embodiment and needs something from you. He needs to have followers, some gurus need money. I realized that the ascended masters don’t need anything from us. That was a very, very important thought. I realized they don’t want to control me, they don’t want to manipulate me. I also realized that they have transcended the human ego so they have no power plays, they have no need to manipulate. I thought that was very, very important, that was the kind of spiritual teacher I wanted.

It’s not because I have any problems with human leaders but I realized that as long as we are in embodiment, we are still human, we may have human interests and this and that. I wanted a spiritual teacher who was beyond that. That’s why I don’t present myself as a spiritual teacher today. I don’t have an organisation where I’m the leader of this organisation because for me, the ascended masters are what’s important. 

What I also found very important there was that the masters need someone to speak through. Because of the Law of Free Will and because we have such a long history. Archangel Michael  mentioned the Catholic church, and the Catholic church is just one example of a religion that has created the situation where we who are the people cannot contact God directly. We have to go through the church and the hierarchy of the church. I knew even as a child that this wasn’t right. As a child, I experienced the spiritual being and I didn’t need anybody, I didn’t need a priest to access this, it was something I experienced in myself. So that was very important for me. I realized that because we have such a long tradition of people denying this, of the authorities, the power elite, denying that we can contact God directly, the masters do need messengers to speak through and give a bigger teaching. Like Archangel Michael said, each of us individually can work with the masters. There’s no question about that. That is really the central message of my teachings, I also realized that some of us have as part of our Divine plan, different roles to play and part of my role was to bring forth more teachings. 

It actually started in 2001 when I had this experience where saw that a lot of my striving on the spiritual path had been driven by a human ambition. I wanted to do something that I felt made a difference. When I was very young, I knew there were a lot of things that were wrong on the earth, that we needed to change society and I wanted to help that. When I found the masters’ teachings, I was very eager to decree and give invocations and study the teachings because I wanted to make a difference. 

I realised that my desire to make a difference was a human ambition. I came to a point where I saw that human ambition and I surrendered it. It was like something deep within me just let go. I have described this before, I fell to my knees and I said: “God, you can take me home right now.” I really felt that if I had died at that moment, I had no ambition of doing anything on earth. I could leave the earth behind without any regrets, without any feeling that: “Oh, I wish I had done this, I wish I had been famous, I wish I had been recognized,” or anything like that. I had no desire like that.

That was when I felt that Jesus was there, his Presence was there in the room with me, and he asked me if I was willing to do something for him and that was the Ask Real Jesus website. It was really unique that Jesus was answering people’s questions; it’s never been done before and so that was how it started. I started getting questions from people and Jesus would give me the answer and I would put it on the site. But then I also started getting longer dictations, first from Jesus and then next from Mother Mary. It took me a while to start working with other masters, so it started that way, very gradually. 

It would have been very easy for me to use the outer rational mind to say: “Oh this can’t be real.” There’s a lot of questions: “Why me?” In the Summit Lighthouse, for example, they had a messenger at the time and then she retired before I started being a messenger. But they still had a culture that there was only one messenger. I could have easily said that this is not something I can do.

When I experienced the Presence of Jesus, it was so real that I realized that this was part of my Divine plan. This was something I had decided to do before I came into embodiment. I could not allow myself with my outer mind to deny that, and that’s why I started doing it. In the beginning, you are always sort of very concerned about: “Are you doing the right thing?” But it didn’t take me very long to come to a point where I realized that this is what I agreed to do. This is what I love doing, and I love serving the masters and I love helping other people. There just comes a point where all of that falls away and now you’re just focused on doing what you are here to do. 



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Korea 2017 conference sound files



The sound files with the dictations have now been uploaded to the subscriber's website.

The files are found in a folder named KOREA2017

The files are named in the order the events took place, for example: KOR02_05032017MMary

Some numbers are missing because I have not yet uploaded the files for the Questions & Answers sessions.





The importance of this spring’s conferences


Mother Mary has asked me to convey that the masters consider the three conferences we are holding this spring as being very important. She hopes as many people as possible will make an effort to attend. There is a need for people to make this effort because the masters have relatively few students who can be open doors for the light they want to release. It is not enough that people listen to the dictations later, as it cannot release the same amount of light as being there in person.

The more people come, the more of a multiplication factor there is when we give invocations. It also allows the masters to release more light during dictations, and this means the light can have a greater effect on the collective consciousness. 



The Korean conference is important in terms of making sure the current saber-rattling does not lead to armed conflict. However, even more important is the long-term need to secure the best new government in South Korea that can implement a more open policy towards North Korea, as the masters described last year. Even beyond this, there is much more to Saint Germain’s vision for Korea and Asia.



Because of Brexit and the refugee situation, Europe is facing special challenges in terms of an attempt by dark forces to break up real unity. Saint Germain considers it important to spread a new vision for European unity that goes beyond what has been seen so far and that can take Europe closer to his golden age ideals. We also need to hold a spiritual balance that does not create a rift between EU and Britain bit opens up for close ties in the future.



The masters want to create a new impetus that can help the Russian people rise above the hopelessness and the sense that “nothing will ever change.” This will set the stage for the election next year and (in the long run) that the real changes that are already happening in the higher octaves can begin to break through to the physical octave. Saint Germain also wants to give an impetus for people grasping his golden age vision for Russia.


For more information.

Two new books in DUTCH


Two books have been translated into Dutch and are now available as ebooks:


De Mystieke Initiaties van Wijsheid


De Mystieke Initiaties Van Intentie

Why I am not a spiritual Guru



I have posted the transcript of a presentation I gave in 2016 at our conference in Seoul, Korea.





Free Ebook on Amazon


Starting Saturday March 4, U.S. Time, there is a free ebook giveaway on Amazon for the book Getting Results on the Spiritual Path. Note, you must have an Amazon account.


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