About organizations inspired or sponsored by the ascended masters

TOPICS: Why the masters do not talk about specific organizations – masters have sponsored many organizations – most of them have calcified and have lost direct contact with the masters – important for them to regain that contact – learning to cooperate instead of claiming to be the only one – restoring the true teachings of Jesus and helping people pursue Christhood –

Question: There are a number of teachings that are very similar in many ways to the teachings found on this website. What is your opinion of these churches/philosophies and other organizations that claim to be sponsored by the ascended masters?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Let me make it clear that whereas we have previously commented on specific movement or teachings, we will no longer do so. The reason is that we have entered the Age of Aquarius, and in this age, people need to attain their own spiritual discernment. Thus, we will comment on general trends and ideas but not on specific teachings, organizations gurus, channelers or messengers. It is up to people to take our teachings and apply them to the specific situations they encounter or have encountered in their lives. Another reason is that it simply isn’t an effective use of a messenger’s time to serve as a sort of clearing house for evaluating the many people who are or claim to be communicating with a higher realm.

So let me give some general remarks. Beginning in the late 1800s, the ascended masters launched a major effort aimed at renewing and raising the spiritual awareness of humankind. There were quite a number of churches or organizations that were inspired or sponsored by us to various degrees, depending on the attunement of the founders. That is why you find many similarities between the teachings on this website and the teachings of various organizations sponsored by the ascended masters over the last century.

Obviously, I am not saying that all of these organizations have the exact same teachings. There are some differences, and not every organization has a completely pure or accurate teaching. Nevertheless, the similarities are so great that it should be possible for all open-minded spiritual seekers to see beyond the outer differences.

Our original hope for the new organizations we inspired or sponsored was that they would grow into a very dynamic, ever-changing and ever-growing movement that would always maintain a direct link to the ascended masters. Unfortunately, we see the same pattern occur in many of the organizations we have inspired or sponsored. The organization is very dynamic while the original founder is still alive. Yet as soon as the founder departs, the organization loses the direct contact to us and it begins to stagnate. In some cases, the organization becomes paralyzed by power struggles among its leaders or by squabbles over this or that aspect of doctrine. Obviously, this is not unique to these new organizations; it has indeed happened in every religion known to humankind.

It is the assessment of the ascended masters that most of the organizations we have sponsored have stagnated to various degrees. Therefore, they are not currently living up to our original hopes or their highest potential. Could this be changed? It certainly could, but it could be done only if these organizations would open themselves up to direct instructions from the ascended masters. In the 1950s, one of my colleagues did indeed attempt to unite several of these movements under one banner. Yet the leaders of the various movements were not willing to set aside their narrow focus on their own organization. They could not look at the bigger picture, and consequently there were not able to accept the guidance offered to them.

Obviously, this could be changed at any time. One way is that they could truly apply their own teachings, so that one or more people within the organization would be an open door to receiving guidance or direct messages from the ascended masters. Yet they could also – perhaps as a way to achieve direct contact with us – make use of the teachings we give on these websites. I am not saying that this would require them to come under the leadership of the messenger I am using for this website. He has no ambition of starting, leading or being “monopolized” by any specific organization, and the teachings are indeed available for all to use as they see fit. So I am simply saying that these organizations could use the teachings we give on these websites to renew themselves and to become more effective at fulfilling their original missions.

Many of the organizations we sponsored were created partly to bring forth my true teachings in this age. Obviously, that is also the entire purpose for the creation of my website. So if these organizations would embrace the teachings I give on my website, they could indeed make a major contribution to my goal. As I explain throughout my website, the most important message to get out at this time is the message that all people have the potential to put on individual Christhood and that I was an example instead of an idol.

As I explain elsewhere, no single person or organization can get this message out alone, so there is a great need for people and organizations to come together. Such a union can be created only by people with some degree of personal Christhood, namely the type of people I am talking about in the following discourse. Some of these people are indeed involved with the organizations we sponsored, but they could accomplish much more by joining forces across organizational or doctrinal boundaries. Will this happen? I cannot answer that question—human beings must answer that question.


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