A spontaneous Kundalini awakening

Question: Jesus teaches about the gradual path of raising awareness, he also talks about the Kundalini process which should be progressive and slow. Spontaneous awakening can cause severe symptoms. Why do some people experience it spontaneously when they are not prepared for it? What do the masters recommend for such people?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

Well, although this might be twisting words my beloved, there is no such a thing as a spontaneous awakening in the sense that all people have lived before and you may not have done anything in this lifetime to bring about your awakening but then surely you have done something in past lives that has brought you to the point where you could have an awakening in this lifetime.

Now there are of course people who have had what we might call a spontaneous awakening or kundalini rising that has been very disturbing to them. What is the purpose for that? In some cases there is not really a specific purpose for it, other than these people have, in a past lifetime, attempted to take heaven by force by using some kind of method or even black magic to force for example, the kundalini up or to force your spiritual growth in some way. This means that in the past life they didn’t have the breakthrough they wanted but then they have it in their next lifetime even though they have forgotten what they did before.

The only purpose for that is that then they need the experience of what can happen when you take heaven by force. The person might not have that experience in their conscious mind but at least they will be able to after this lifetime, deal with their spiritual guides and process the experience. Now there are also some people who have attempted to attain spiritual growth in a past life and reached a certain level. Then they have decided that in this lifetime they would embody in circumstances where there was nothing that stimulates their spiritual growth. They had no spiritual training, no spiritual background; no spiritual guidance whatsoever and then suddenly, out of the blue so to speak, they have a spontaneous awakening or a very strong spiritual experience. Now the question is how to deal with this. In these cases the purpose might be that the people chose this because they wanted to show that even if you have grown up in a non-spiritual environment you can still actually make a shift and become a more spiritually aware person.

This messenger is aware that in Denmark there was a person who had grown up with parents who were denying any kind of spirituality, were very materialistic. She had educated herself as a journalist and had written articles that were fairly based on the materialistic view of life. Then one time she was visiting a church in Spain and she suddenly had an experience of seeing Jesus, as she could perceive me, next to her. This created such a dramatic shift in her consciousness; it took her years to deal with this. She actually had a kundalini rising that was very disturbing to her; she thought she was mentally ill but she ended up writing a book about this. It has so far had a positive effect on many people who have read it and have realized that it is actually possible to grow up in a very materialistic culture and environment but still make a shift and become more spiritually aware. This can be the case for some people.

There are of course also people who have had an awakening because it was in their divine plan to become spiritual teachers and so you can have some people who have written books and who are spiritual teachers and who, as they see it, had a spontaneous spiritual awakening. This is again a misunderstanding where they don’t realize that they surely did something in past lives to raise their consciousness to where they could have that “spontaneous awakening”.

This can have an unfortunate effect in some cases where they think that – they do not actually teach their students a gradual step by step process for attaining awakening. They are basically saying that there is nothing you can do to force a spiritual awakening; you just have to wait for it to happen. This of course is not very constructive for people because what if you don’t have a spiritual awakening in this lifetime, are you supposed to just sit around and be satisfied that you’re not awakened and hope that it will happen at some point? Most people who are ready for spiritual growth will feel that it is more constructive to have a gradual path. There is a subtlety in the sense that there are some spiritual teachers who are actually denying the possibility of a spiritual path. They are saying that you cannot create a mechanical path that leads you to enlightenment. Some of these spiritual teachers have been fallen beings who simply want to discourage people from following the spiritual path. Some of them have not been fallen beings and they have actually had a point, seen from a certain perspective.

It is not possible to create a mechanical path where, if you follow certain steps, you are guaranteed to reach awakening or enlightenment or Christhood. We have said many times that the path is not automatic, it is not mechanical. Nevertheless, it is possible to create a path that leads you to higher states of consciousness as long as you do not follow it in a mechanical manner, as long as you realize the need to use and develop your intuitive faculties and to look beyond the outer teaching, to not be mechanical about the outer practice but to be open to having gradual smaller spiritual experiences that leads you towards greater and greater breakthroughs. There are some people that have had this very dramatic experience that have caused a major breakthrough but for most people it is much more realistic and constructive to have a large number of smaller  breakthroughs, smaller a-ha experiences, smaller mystical experiences that gradually leads you to higher levels of consciousness.

There are also some people who have attained spiritual growth to some degree in a past life but have then come into embodiment in this lifetime denying the possibility of spiritual growth. So you will see some people who have lived for some decades denying spiritual growth and suddenly they have this breakthrough because they had attained that level in a past life and even their denial wasn’t strong enough to suppress it.  The purpose of that can again be to show that even if people are denying it, it is still possible to shift into a more spiritual awareness.

It is important for you to realize that the path is not mechanical but it is equally important for you to realize that the path is real and it does work if you do not approach it in a mechanical manner. It is not constructive for anyone to sit around and wait for a spontaneous awakening when there are so many teachings and tools already in the physical octave for how to walk a gradual systematic path.


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