A spiritual perspective on miscarriages

Question: I once saw a movie that gave the perspective that when a woman has a miscarriage it is not up to a person who is carrying the child whether the child will be born or not, if the soul of the child is not willing to incarnate to this world it can abort its physical process in the mother’s womb. Can the ascended masters comment on this topic? Is the miscarriage a result of the mother’s choice or is there more to know and how this relates to free will? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

A miscarriage can be caused by many factors. There can of course be a physical reason for this in the mother’s body, in the genes of the child, in the development of the child. It is possible for a mother to, especially if you have become pregnant and it was not a planned pregnancy, to actually cause a miscarriage by not wanting to have the child. Not necessary not wanting to have that specific child but not wanting to have a child or not wanting to have a child at that moment. So it is possible that the mothers choice can cause a miscarriage, this can even be subconscious where the mother isn’t willing to recognize her feelings about this, about being pregnant.

It is of course also possible that the child can choose that it does not want to be born after all. This can happen to some when they feel the density of the physical octave. It can happen when they feel the mother’s energy field, if they have for example, severe karma from past lives and an ongoing conflict with the mother. Once they come down into the foetus and sense the mother’s energy field they can decide they do not want to deal with this. Therefore they do not want to be born.

There can be other reasons as well where the child might feel the density of the physical octave or it might come to an awareness of certain difficulties it will face in the coming lifetime and it refuses to deal with it.

We have so far given you a somewhat idyllic picture of your divine plan where we have given a teaching on the divine plan for people who are spiritual and who are therefore willing to take responsibility for themselves and change themselves. For such spiritual people, it is so that you are willing to fulfil your divine plan even if it involves certain difficult situations because you realize this leads to growth and it also leads to what we have called the more creative phase of your divine plan. You are willing to go through that work phase of your divine plan in order to get to the creative phase.

But there are souls that are not as evolved as this. Where the main focus on their divine plan could be to balance karma and therefore they need to be together with certain people with whom they have karma from past lives in order to, so to speak, force themselves to deal with it. But there can be instances where these souls are not evolved enough that they are willing to stand by that decision once they start coming closer to embodiment and feeling the density of the physical octave. So a soul can make its divine plan from a higher level of conscious and it decides “yes I’m willing to face these difficulties and work through it” and then when it is actually faced with coming into the body, sensing the energies then it can decide, no I’m not willing to do this after all.

This is where again, free will in some cases need to be respected. You could say that free will in all cases need to be respected, so if the soul really decides I do not want to be born then that is respected. But there are of course cases where you could say that the soul has a lower will that it doesn’t want to deal with the difficulty but at the same time it has a higher will that says “I will do this” so the higher will overrides the lower.

I know this may seem somewhat obscure but it actually is so, that free will is the ultimate measure but the question of what is free will is where you can have certain concerns where you can say that when a soul experiences the density of the physical octave, it’s will isn’t free and therefore it doesn’t override what it planned in its divine plan. Many souls have decided to override that lower will, that outer personality, in order to force themselves to come into embodiment and deal with certain difficulties because they know it will lead to growth in the long run.


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