A second American revolution is needed

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Question: I recently heard George Bush say in an interview that he considers it to be the America’s destiny and duty to spread freedom and democracy around the world. Given that he is attempting to do this with military force in Iraq, I wonder where this might lead in light of what you have said elsewhere. I also wonder whether it is possible to spread freedom and democracy through military power—I mean how can you force a people to be free if they are not willing to fight for their freedom?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

If you read the beautiful discourse by my beloved Mother, you will see that there was an angel, named Lucifer, who rebelled against God when God gave human beings free will. God created human beings as extensions of himself, and they are meant to descend into the densest part of God’s creation, namely the material universe, and then work their way up through the different levels of God’s creation. They are meant to do this not by being forced to do so but through their own free will, so that when they reach the highest levels of Gods creation, they will have done so exclusively because they love God more than anything else. They will have done so because they have chosen to seek union with God and have refused to be trapped in any lower sense of identity.

Therefore, planet earth can be seen as a school for lifestreams in which people are meant to learn by exercising their free will. Consequently, it is a law of God that no one is allowed to interfere with the free will of human beings. We of the ascended masters have absolute respect for God’s law, and that is why we never interfere with the free will of our unascended brothers and sisters. This fact explains why we have limited power in terms of changing people’s behavior.

Ultimately, we cannot prevent humankind from destroying itself or destroying this planet. If people are bent on self-destruction, and if they ignore our advice and our rescue attempts, we can and we will allow them to destroy themselves because we have ultimate respect for the Law of Free Will. And we trust that God knew what he was doing when he gave people free will. As Mother Mary eloquently explains, Lucifer did not believe that God knew what he was doing when he gave people free will. He rebelled against God’s plan and lowered his consciousness until he descended into the material universe. In this universe he became the primary exponent for the consciousness of anti-christ.

This consciousness has absolutely no respect for God’s Law of Free Will. Therefore, the consciousness of anti-christ is a consciousness that seeks to force people. The consciousness of anti-christ believes that it is the true savior of human beings and that it needs to save people from destroying themselves. It also believes that the reason people have the ability to destroy themselves is that they have free will. Therefore, the consciousness of anti-christ believes that it is necessary and justified to override people’s free will in order to save them from themselves. In other words, the consciousness of anti-christ is a consciousness that imposes a judgment upon people and then seeks to force them into following what it defines as the greater good.

When you transfer this to the idea that the United States has a duty to spread freedom and democracy around the world, you see the potential dangers. Truly, as you say above, it is impossible to force people to be free. You can be free only when you choose to be free. This is what happened in the United States, where the people decided to fight for their freedom by their own power, their own wisdom and their own love for freedom.

The American Revolution was truly an expression of the consciousness of Christ through the people that founded this nation and wrote the Constitution. Yet as has happened to many empires of the past, the United States has today moved far away from the spirit of freedom and the consciousness of Christ that wrestled this nation away from the totalitarian power embodied in the English crown. Indeed, those same totalitarian powers, meaning the totalitarian consciousness, the consciousness of anti-christ, has today gained a very strong foothold in the United States of America. Your current president is only one among many people who are flirting with this state of consciousness.

Take care that you do not fall into a black-and-white way of thinking. It truly is the intent of the ascended masters that the United States should be a bastion for true freedom and the Christ consciousness. It truly is our highest hope that the United States can become a bastion for spreading the true freedom of the Christ consciousness around the world. Yet this true freedom cannot be spread through force, and this is the essential distinction.

Take for example Iraq. Why did Saddam Hussein remain in power for so long? Because the Iraqi people have not reached a level of maturity that makes them truly want to be free. They were not willing to step up to the level of Christ consciousness that is necessary for a people to become free. You see, because of the current imperfect conditions on planet earth, people have to win their freedom by fighting the oppressors that represent the consciousness of anti-christ. This is not God’s original plan or design, but it is the current – although temporary – reality on planet earth. My point is that when people have reached the level of Christ consciousness that makes them willing to be free and makes them willing to lose everything, including their lives (“Give me liberty or give me death!”), in order to win the freedom of the Christ consciousness, then the ascended masters will send them outside help that can give them what they need to win their freedom.

When the early American colonists reached a level of Christ consciousness that enabled them to be free, the nation of France was inspired to give them what they needed to defeat the British army and establish this nation. Could the United States of America have been established through non-violence? Yes it could, but at the time the people in the colonies did not have a high enough level of Christ consciousness to win their freedom without violence.

My point here is that it is perfectly legitimate for the United States to serve as a bastion for spreading freedom and democracy around the world, but it is not legitimate for the United States to do this through force. In other words, if there had been a sufficiently strong resistance movement within Iraq, it would have been legitimate for the United States to aid this resistance movement in overthrowing Saddam Hussein from within. Yet it was not legitimate for the United States to go in and violently overthrow Saddam Hussein, because this actually interferes with the free will of the Iraqi people and their evolution toward Christ consciousness.

That is why you see the current situation in Iraq, where many people do not see the United States as a liberator but see it as simply another oppressive force, similar to Saddam Hussein. You see, contrary to the popular belief held by the president and his advisors, the United States has not liberated the Iraqi people. They have simply removed a tyrant, and in so doing they have become the new tyrant oppressing the people. And because the people were not ready for their freedom, they simply view the United States as another oppressor. Obviously, that is not the case for all Iraqis, but I can tell you that the Iraqi people have not reached a collective level of Christ consciousness that allows them to be truly free.  That is why the violence and infighting will continue in the foreseeable future and why the country could erupt into a civil war that could quickly ignite a larger war in the Middle East. This is why the world is not safer after the removal of Saddam Hussein. Even America is not safer.

When a people is not ready for freedom and democracy, there is nothing gained by going in with military might and forcing them to become free and democratic. Democracy is a very demanding form of government, and people have to be ready for it. The Iraqi people are obviously not ready. They are not yet willing to take responsibility for their nation and for governing themselves, so they actually want to have an oppressor that they can oppose.

So my final point is that America cannot fulfill its Divine plan by indiscriminately using its military power to overthrow dictators around the world. In order to truly spread freedom and democracy, America needs to have a very keen Christ discernment, so that it knows when to step in and when NOT to step in. If not, it will be like the fool who rushes in where angels fear to tread. And as I say many times throughout this website, the only real solution is that a critical mass of Americans embrace my true teachings about the path to Christhood. Only when a critical mass of Americans reach Christhood on a personal level, will there be a foundation for the government acting with Christ discernment.

In another answer,  I explain that the mind of Christ is not in opposition to the mind of anti-christ. The mind of anti-christ has simply created its own opposition, which many people see as good and evil. They even fall prey to the illusion that what they define as good is Christ and what they define as evil is anti-christ.

My point here is that over the millennia numerous people have been caught in this endless game of thinking that in order to do God’s will and God’s work, they have to align themselves with the force that they call good and seek to eradicate the force that they call evil. This is what has led to all of the religiously motivated wars you see on this planet. It led to the Crusades in which Christians thought it justified that they kill other human beings in my name. It has led to the modern terrorist movement in which Muslims believe it is justified to kill other people in the name of Allah. And it has led to a movement in the United States in which certain forces believe that it is justified to eradicate Muslim terrorism in the name of Christ. Unfortunately, there are people in the White House who have fallen prey to this lie and therefore have become temporary exponents for the consciousness of anti-christ.

When will this end? It will end when a critical mass of the American people reach a high enough level of Christ consciousness that they can throw off the force of anti-christ that has infiltrated their government. In other words, there is a great need for a second American revolution, but it must – and I say must – be a spiritual revolution instead of a violent physical revolution. What is needed today is that the spiritual people of America make an all-out effort to attain Christ consciousness on a personal level and then begin to express that Christ consciousness in all areas of their society.

When you put on the mind of Christ, you become the open door for bringing forth a higher awareness, a higher culture and a higher form of government that can solve the problems that today seem to have no solutions. My entire purpose for this website is to give people the tools and the understanding they need to manifest Christ consciousness. Let those who have ears, hear my words, but be not hearers of the word only [James 1:22]. Be the doers of the word by being the Word incarnate.


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