A brief overview over the history of life on this planet

TOPICS: many people come from other planets or star systems – your real origin is the spiritual realm – life on earth goes very far back – waves of lifestreams took embodiment – the fourth root race and the fall of man – after the fall, many different lifestreams embodied on earth – both low and high lifestreams – do not dwell on the past – Enli and Enki – no need to retrace the past –

Question: Dear Jesus, The following lines I took from The Christ Is Born in You:

“What we now see is that the entire world of form is the result of an interaction between two beings or two expressions of the consciousness of God……”
“Therefore, the world of form was created by two spiritual beings. These beings are described in the Bible as Alpha and Omega”
“Alpha and Omega personally created a number of spiritual beings…..”
“…..the material universe was not created by the highest individualization of God. It was created by certain representatives of God. The Bible states that the earth was created by Elohim….”
“In other words, a number of spiritual beings (seven to be exact), created planet earth…..”
“A number of spiritual beings, what you would call human beings, decided to descend to planet earth and take on human bodies…..”

I believe that it is of vital importance to know where we come from, in order to be able to return there, to achieve Universal Christ Consciousness. Some say that part of humanity was created by Enki and Enlil, two beings from Nibiru, and that many other races were seeded upon this planet by beings from Venus, Mars, the Pleiades, Sirius and so on. How does this information fit in with the Elohim? It is also said that planet earth is just one of tens of thousands of other planets but the only one where beings have been given “free will.” I feel that it is very important to get some clarity into all this, in order to obtain better insight in our personal, planetary and Universal mission and would be grateful if you could share some of your Ancient Wisdom on this subject, with all of the special beings reading these messages.
From Spain, With Love, Marite

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

It is correct that it is important for you to know where you came from in order to be able to return there. However, you do not need to return to the spiritual realm in order to attain Christ consciousness. In fact, attaining Christ consciousness is the key to entering the spiritual realm.

Yet what you really need to know is what I explained in my discourse, namely that you did come from the spiritual realm, and that is where you need to go. It is correct that there are many lifestreams on earth who did incarnate on other planets and in other star systems before this lifetime. Nevertheless, that does not mean that these lifestreams ultimately came from there and that they need to return to those places in order to attain Christ consciousness or their ascension. Your ultimate origin was the spiritual realm, and that is where you need to go to win your immortality as a spiritual being.

Let me give you a brief overview over the history of life on this planet. As I explain elsewhere, the Old Testament cannot be considered the infallible word of God, and that is nowhere more clear that when it talks about the origin of humankind and the age of the earth. Scientists are much closer to the truth, when they put the age of this planet at over 4 billion years. However, scientists are very far from the truth when they consider the age of intelligent life, what most people would call human life, on this planet. Contrary to current scientific wisdom, intelligent life has existed on this planet for 2.5 billion years.

The fact is that there have been a number of waves of lifestreams that descended to this planet and took on bodies that vibrated within the frequency spectrum of the planet. When the first of these waves descended, the entire planet vibrated at higher frequencies than today. Therefore, only pure lifestreams were allowed to come to this planet, and the bodies that were worn by these lifestreams were much less dense than the human bodies you wear today. These lifestreams lived on this planet until they made their ascension, and when they did so, their bodies were simply raised in vibration. That is why you do not have any fossil records of these early forms of intelligent life.

We of the ascended masters teach that there have been seven of these root races. The first three of these root races all ascended to the spiritual realm. The Fall of Man did not occur until the incarnation of the fourth root race. However, there were actually races before the seven root races. The seven races simply represent the latest evolutions of lifestreams assigned to this planet.

After the fall of the fourth root race, the vibration of humankind gradually descended , and the entire planet was lowered in vibration. Since then, many lifestreams have come to earth from other parts of the material universe. This does not mean that these lifestreams traveled here by spacecraft. It means that they incarnated here and took on human bodies.

Many of these lifestreams came here because they could no longer remain on their original planets. Some of these planets literally self-destructed, and many lifestreams were forced to incarnate elsewhere. Because the earth had descended in vibration, some of these lifestreams could incarnate on this planet. In other cases, a planet was raised in vibration, meaning that some of the lower lifestreams could no longer remain on that planet. Planet earth therefore became a waystation for these dark lifestreams. However, there are also many high lifestreams that have voluntarily chosen to embody on this planet in order to raise the consciousness of humankind, and raise the vibration of the planet back to its original purity.

My point here is that the history of intelligent life on this planet is indeed very old and incredibly complex. If I were to give an accurate account of this history, Kim could literally spend the rest of his life taking down this account. However, what would be the purpose of this account, considering that I have so many teachings to give that will empower you to transcend the past rather than dwell upon it?

It might be very interesting for you to know something about how people lived in the Middle Ages, but what practical value does it have for your daily life in this age? And while it might be interesting to learn something about the Middle Ages, do you really need to know every single detail from that time? Likewise, how much do you really need to know about the history of life on earth in order to realize that you need to rise above the consciousness of duality and put on the mind of Christ?

As a spiritual teacher, you have to walk a fine line. You want people to be awakened and to expand their understanding of life, but you do not want to overwhelm them with facts that have no practical value for their spiritual growth. And because people are very different, there is no one way to deal with this topic.

For example, most people would gain no spiritual value from knowing the story of Enli and Enki or other aspects of this planet’s past. Yet for others this story might have some value. If you feel that is the case for you, study the story, but do not forget to listen to your Christ self. As with the Bible, you cannot take any of these ancient accounts at face value and you cannot interpret them literally. You need to look beyond the mythological language and imagery and understand the true spiritual significance of the story. And that significance can be interpreted as many different levels.

Do you see my central point? Your lifestream was born in the spiritual realm. That birth happened a long time ago, and since then your lifestream has had a very complex history during which it incarnated on many different planets. Yet in order to win your ascension, you do not need to trace back all of your incarnations in these different places. You are not trying to return to every place where you incarnated in the past. You are trying to return to the spiritual realm.

So the real importance is not where you came from in the material universe, but where you came from in the spiritual realm. The real importance is not where you have been and what you had done but where you are willing to go and what you are willing to become. Are you willing to come home to the spiritual realm and become an immortal spiritual being whom I can receive with the ultimate love of an older brother who is waiting for you to join me in our Father’s kingdom?


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